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Campus Kangaroo Courts
Sen. Bernie Sanders, Reactionary?
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  • jeburke

    Maybe Bernie has noticed that he’s winning men in polls over Hillary two to one!

  • Fat_Man

    Call me when they start thinking about NYE in Cologne as a sexual assault problem.

  • Andrew Allison

    And yet, and yet, he’s ahead in the polls. Could it be that he has recognized that progressive orthodoxy is anathema to the electorate?

    • no…it’s just that no one wants to vote for Hillary as she represents US establishment politics at its worse.

  • lukelea

    What Bernie represents is not the Old Left but the Old Liberalism, the liberalism of my parent’s generation, of FDR and the New Deal.

  • Blackbeard

    He’ll have to back down on this. If he doesn’t he has my vote. Anybody but Hillary!

  • Boritz

    ‘Decrying rape and sexual assault on campuses as an “epidemic,” ‘

    This is the ‘redeeming’ element of his stance for liberals.

  • gabrielsyme

    I suspect that if Sanders succeeds in driving the SJWs into the Hillary camp, that will, on balance help him rather than harm him. Heck, only half of the African-American community supports #blacklivesmatter.

    Sanders has been dominating among younger voters (where SJW stuff has the greatest pull) while lagging Hillary among older, more traditional Democratic voters. He might well think his base is secure enough to make a play for some Hillary voters who have common-sense views about these things.

  • bottomfish

    No matter what anyone says, I don’t think it will be easy to change the presumption to “guilty until proven innocent” from “innocent until proven guilty.” The basis for the change is that the presumed victim has suffered terrible trauma, so that there is an overwhelming need to expel (usually) him and thus keep the presumed assaulter away from (usually) her. Of course the presumed assaulter also suffers from being expelled without just cause but apparently we must suppose that his trauma (usually) is of lower quality than (usually) hers.

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