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A Long Shot
“Comfort Women” Issue to be Settled?
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  • Jim__L

    So if the problem is Imperial Japan forced these women to be prostitutes, how is paying them money going to solve the problem?

    I suspect that this hatchet will not be buried until after the funerals of the women involved, and maybe not even then.

    • John Pryce

      I think its a question of admitting wrongdoing, like with Turkey and the Armenian genocide.

      • Jim__L

        So they haven’t yet? That’s not very honorable of them. Will we have to wait ten years when all those concerned have passed from the scene?

        • John Pryce

          Turkey still refuses to allow any mention of the Armenian genocide, as far as I know. They won’t hear any talk on the subject.
          Self-criticism as a cultural obligation is mostly a Western thing, from my understanding.

        • John Pryce

          As far as the “comfort women” thing is concerned, I don’t see exactly what it is that the Koreans want in the article. Is it reparations to the ill-treated women? I can see that as a justified response; the victims are still alive, after all. But I think the modern Japanese government doesn’t want to be connected to Imperial Japan in any way that they can avoid, so assuming the Empire’s debts would probably stick in the craw.

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