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The European Immigration Crisis
Turkey Isn’t Stopping Migrant Flows to the EU

Ahead of a high-level EU summit in Brussels today and tomorrow, at which the issue of migrants will be atop the agenda, two reports by the government of Luxembourg have concluded that migrant flows remain “practically unchanged” or only a little lowered since the EU and Turkey announced a landmark, $3.3 billion action plan on November 29. Reuters reports:

The report by the Luxembourg government, in its current capacity as president of EU ministerial councils, said about 4,000 people a day arrived from Turkey since the accord on Nov. 29, a “slight reduction” from the 5,000-6,000 seen earlier in that month. But this was not necessarily due to Turkish action.

“This decrease may, however, also be attributed to other factors,” said the report, seen by Reuters and sent to EU leaders ahead of a summit on Thursday in Brussels at which they will discuss efforts to stem the migration crisis.

A separate report on the functioning of the EU-Turkey action plan agreed with Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Brussels has concluded that migrant arrivals from Turkey were “practically unchanged” in the two weeks after the signing from the two weeks preceding it, an EU official said.

At the time the action plan was announced, WRM noted that “Unfortunately, however, the chances are high that the agreement will not succeed in stopping the flow. Turkey has never been entirely in control of its southern border, where Kurdish militants have been active for many years. If the U.S. cannot control the Rio Grande, Turkey will have even greater difficulty with the wild and unsettled border it shares with Syria and Iraq.” So far, this seems to be holding up.

And meanwhile, the EU is rewarding the actions of the increasingly autocratic President Erdogan. It’s one thing to sell your soul for an end to the refugee crisis. But for a “slight reduction?”

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  • Suzyqpie

    The Muslim diaspora that is spreading out across Europe are welfare predators. Of course, Turkey is facilitating the flow, why would Turkey want to house people who will be a drain on their Treasury…according to Amnesty Inc, the six countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council have refused to take any Syrian refugees because of the same financial burden.

    • Beauceron

      And I think Turkey loves the idea of flooding Europe with muslims. It increases their power, and the likelihood they will be admitted to the EU.

      • Suzyqpie

        With the debris field of the ME brewing on the Turkish border, the EU would be crazy to admit Turkey. Which means, of course, that it could happen….Europe seems to be in a self-distruct mode.

        • Beauceron

          The EU leaders might agree, but when the muslim portions of your population increase dramatically, as they have just done virtually overnight, its power grows in the form of voting blocs and pressure groups. Those groups can then influence votes and who gets elected.

  • Beauceron

    The elites in the West, both in Europe and North America hate their peoples. That’s all I can conclude from the immigration policies of both regions.

    • Jim__L

      They really do. The elites have been trained since childhood to resent and hold in contempt where they came from, and glorify sterile cities. Their hubris in the brilliance of their own “intellectual” fraction of their own generation, the idea that history and tradition have nothing to teach them, is leading directly to tragedy.

      They will not survive, and there is very little hope that their end will not be violent.

      • Beauceron

        “They will not survive, and there is very little hope that their end will not be violent”
        I am afraid you’re right about that…but the problem is that they will take the rest of us down with them.

        • Jim__L

          The United States comes from a tradition of natural law and inalienable rights, where government exists on the sufferance of the people. This tradition can help us turn it around.

          Above all, we need to stop the fallacy that since Europe produced so many of the world’s impressive thinkers in past centuries, that Europe is any sort of intellectual powerhouse now. It’s just appalling that so much of America’s ivory tower brigade has become staunchly Eurocentric (or, “trans-Atlantic”) only now that Europe has fallen so far. It’s like taking Italians for Romans. It’s just weird.

          Don’t despair. The only reason to stop fighting (ever) is when you notice that something else is more effective than fighting. This is frequently the case, although not so often as the Eurocrats and their American hangers-on believe.

  • Jim__L

    The EU’s cultural and demographic practices have profited it nothing.

    I’ll say it flat out — any culture that does not value motherhood to the point that reproduction to at least a level of 2.1 children per woman is strongly normative, is a culture that cannot survive.

    If there is a Fourth (or subsequent) Wave of feminism that takes this into account, then feminism will survive. If not, the elites of Europe (unless they have a death wish) should consider how best to replace feminism with traditional values.

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