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The Santa-Industrial Complex
Americans Saving More Ahead of Holiday Shopping Season
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  • MikePM

    Excellent piece. There’s so much more to this life than trampling over the person in front of you to save $200 on a large screen television.

  • Boritz

    True, especially since holiday shopping these days is not even about acquiring baseline luxuries but is more about getting a bigger big screen TV and a newer generation gaming console.

  • Rick Johnson

    Actually, the real driver of economic growth is the amount of capital invested per person. Increasing capital requires increased savings, so Americans choosing to save more are directly leading to the possibility of higher growth.
    The spirt and character of the American people will not increase economic growth if they don’t have the saving and capital to drive growth. Also, there are plenty of other nations that don’t, by defintion, have the ‘spirit and character of the American people’ who do quite well with economic growth. Americans aren’t that exceptional.

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