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after paris
Could Democrats Break Ranks on the Refugee Fight?

NPR‘s Susan Davis reports that Senator Chuck Schumer may be breaking with the White House on Syrian refugee resettlement:

After the slaughter in Paris, the Obama administration’s plan for refugee resettlement has become a flashpoint. GOP governors across the country—plus, recently, the Democratic governor of New Hampshire—have said they would not help resettle refugees in their states unless further security precautions are taken. At the same time, liberals—from pundits to the president—have derided Republicans as xenophobic monsters with an unusual level of cynicism and condescension.

If Schumer, the Senate Minority Leader in waiting, does end up defecting from the liberal line on this question, that could inspire more open opposition within the president’s own party. While GOP governors don’t technically have the power to halt refugee resettlement, Congress does have the potential to make resettlement much more difficult. But even if he doesn’t come down one way or the other, Schumer’s ambivalence (and he has surely been talking to constituents and looking at polls) shows that caution about the administration’s refugee policy isn’t as confined to the anti-immigrant right, despite what many liberal commentators seem to believe.

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  • jeburke

    Liberals are reacting like cartoon versions of themselves. It’s one thing to oppose full-scale war against ISIS in Syria. But insanely, liberals don’t even want to take common sense steps to avert terror attacks at home. It’s as if they would pay any price for an opportunity to accuse fellow Americans of “racism.”

  • Jim__L

    Give greater preference to those bringing their families and those who are persecuted for their religion (especially apostates).

    • FriendlyGoat

      It’s hard to apply any kind of test to someone’s words about his/her faith or apostasy from a former faith, but you are right that we need to find ways for people to be rewarded for turning away from Islam. The long, long future war with Islam is a messaging war in which the whole goal is to get people to stop believing that Mohammad is the prophet of anything. If we do not welcome people to humanity who are committing the grave crime in Islam of quitting (apostasy), we couldn’t possibly have much hope of winning the messaging war.

      Obviously, there are limits to the numbers of people we can take, though, in any event. But if we act like we despise Muslims who might be leaving the swamp of Islam, we will defeat our own efforts to hope that millions and millions turn away from it.

      • Jim__L

        If any of these poor folks simply declare themselves apostate, by ISIS’ own rules they are to be put to death.

        As I understand the rules of asylum-seeking, the idea that you’ll be killed if you go back where you came from weighs very heavily on whether signatories to the asylum convention have already bound themselves to accept you.

        • Yes, I’ve had very similar thoughts. A declaration that one does not advocate the violent overthrow of the US is already formally required.

        • FriendlyGoat

          Yes, the known risk of persecution, including the threat of death, matters.

          • Jim__L

            Point being, I don’t think ISIS would make much of an attempt to find what is truly in their minds or hearts. (Beyond opening them up with a sword or bullet, that is.) Simply saying “I’m not a Muslim anymore” would be enough.

  • IBePOed

    I don’t think that all liberals want to see Americans slaughtered.

    • Jim__L

      I suspect that Liberals live in a fantasy world where this sort of thing doesn’t “truly” happen; even if the blood is on the ground for everyone to see, they ignore it and see only the symbolic embarrassment of people they hate (like GW Bush).

      Obama is their champion.

      • What they will say is that death or serious injury from a Jihad terror attack is infinitesimal, which it is not quite but nearly so. As for abstractions and long term threats, if it isn’t global warming they will not ever entertain such questions.

  • vendome

    Obama and his administration are importing criminals and drug cartels from Mexico and Central America – and importing Islamic Jihad Muslims into our neighborhoods, cities and states.

    It’s time that Congress stop the insane immigration and refugee policies put forward by Obama & the Democrats..

    Either Obama is mentally unbalanced, or he is trying to bring America into a 3rd world hellhole.

  • WalterHorsting

    Ebola on steroids response by the progressives…bring in contagion without hesitation

  • Gene

    What I wouldn’t give to be a fly on the wall and listen in to what senior Democratic Party politicians say to each other privately about Obama. By now I would imagine the bitterness is off the charts.

  • You can pause the inflow and that is certainly necessary, but we have an existing base in the country already. It didn’t take any sneaking over any border for the Fort Hood shooter to murder a dozen. He was already here, INSIDE the military working as…. a shrink especially for PTSD cases from the ME! How in the fark could that happen? He handed out cards that said Soldier of Allah openly. Then we had the Texas Jihad, halted by a few well aimed bullets. There is going to have to be an aggressive surveillance on the Muslim community at large and mass expulsions. Too much for ya? As bodybags accumulate it will be easier. Will all these actions inflame our local Jihadis? Absolutely. Expand their number? Absolutely. Expand the palette of excuses Obama and others use to explain away Muslim terror? Oh yeah. None of that matters in the least. Islam is the enemy. They say so routinely. Nicey-nice isn’t changing that. They must be crushed. Then burned to ash. Then crushed again. Any who say, “Hey! We ain’t Jihadi here!” can be examined on a case by case. Forward.

  • Sen. Feinstein has already as much as called Obama a liar over whether ISIS is expanding or shrinking. They both read the same intelligence but come to totally opposite conclusions. Democrats who will face re-election in 2016 are rightly concerned that if there is a major terrorist attack in the US before the General Election, and they have supported unlimited immigration of “refugees”, they will pay the price at the polls.

  • InklingBooks

    I loathe the Democratic party and much that it stands for, particularly legalized abortion. But it’d certainly be better for the country if Congressional Democrats would break with the madness of the Obama administration and begin to show some good sense and responsibility.

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