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Is Putin Going Soft on Ukraine?
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  • danram

    Putin is merely playing up to those Europeans who would prefer to sweep the whole Ukraine thing under the rug so that they can go back to doing business with Russia again.

    Of course Putin is behind the recent upsurge in separatist attacks. He never had any intention of honoring this “cease fire” or in living up to the terms of the Minsk agreement. Anyone with an I.Q. of over 50 should be able to see that by now. His obvious intention is to keep Donbas as a festering sore in the side of Kiev that he can aggravate whenever he chooses while simultaneously sticking Ukraine with the bill for its maintenance. So the absolute last thing that he wants to do is return control of the entire border to Ukraine, since that would mean cutting off the separatists from Russian support.

    Everyone recognizes this except the three spineless idiots primarily responsible for making western policy in Ukraine: Obama, Merkel and Hollande. As amazing as it may seem, these three schmucks are actually putting pressure on Ukraine’s President Poroshenko to go along with this charade by implying that western aid … what little they’ve provided … could be cut off if he doesn’t.

    Ukraine’s best bet is to hunker down and wait until a new US president takes office in January 2016. Hopefully, it will be a Republican. But even if it’s Hillary Clinton, it will represent a marked improvement over Obama’s contemptible weakness and detachment. Hillary may be an ethical sleazeball, but she’s not naive and she’s tough.

    Until then, Ukraine should devote maximum effort to building up its military resources on its own in anticipation of another Russian/separatist offensive. I think it’s only a matter of time until full-scale fighting breaks out again.

    • dannyboy116

      With a good first name like dan – I would expect you to be a bit smarter…. First of all, if your idea is for Poreshenko to “hunker down” until Jan 2016 and try to get a better deal from the next US president – you are off by 12 months, as the next US president will not take office until Jan. 2017. 14 months is too long for a country that is basically bankrupt, like Ukraine, to “hunker down”. There is likely to be a new revolution before then if Ukraine doesn’t get some more help from the West. The current prime minister – Yatsenyuk, has an approval rating of less than 10%, and Poroschenko’s is higher, but not much. They are now more unpopular that Yanukovich who had his government overthrown in Feb. of 2014. Hunkering down is not a good strategy. In spite of all of the nice promises from the West, Russia is still Ukraine’s largest and most dependable trading partner. They ought to take the reasonably good deal Putin offered, and do their best to patch things up with Russia.
      The west is much more interested in terrorism from ISIS and the refugee crisis in Europe – I don’t think they have any more time for Ukraine – especially a Ukraine which has not done much about its corruption problem in the past year and a half.

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