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The Regulatory Goose Chase Degrading America
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  • rheddles

    Been mugged by reality, eh?

  • Anthony

    As has been stated before, human life in truth is less an affair of institutions (in this instance colleges/universities) and systems (lobbyists, bureaucracies, regulations, and money conduits) than of people and an interplay of motivations and abilities.

    Simply considered WRM as politics is the realm productive of public policy, the troubles of which you reference trace back eventually to politics. While institutional inadequacy is involved it is by no means the whole story – where lies the interests of the broad public?

  • Beauceron

    “American colleges are diverting more and more money away from serving students”
    The purpose of higher education hasn’t been to educate (or serve students) for some time. Their job is to brainwash students and force them to support the new order to which professors nearly universally subscribe. And they’re doing an outstanding job.

    • Fat_Man

      Don’t forget providing legions of Administrators and tenured faculty members with cushy jobs that pay a lot and have very limited work obligations.

  • Jim__L

    Hm, I wonder what this power structure could become with a Republican giving the orders?

    If the Left is lucky, once the GOP is in power they’ll just gut the place instead of taking it over.

    • f1b0nacc1

      If we are ALL lucky, the GOP will gut the place…..sadly I doubt that will be the case…

  • Dave Boz

    “…how much more damage it will do is anybody’s guess.”
    One man’s damage is another man’s well-paid lifestyle. Those in favor of this situation are going to be much more fervent in its defense than those opposed. So it will not only continue, but get worse and more expensive. Or, depending on your perspective, more lucrative.

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