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Illiberal Liberals
CAP Crushes Staff Revolt Against Netanyahu Appearance
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  • Jim__L

    Are any of the objectors to Bibi’s appearance in the same camp that said we needed to engage with Tehran, because engaging is the only way forward?

    • Andrew Allison

      A rhetorical question I assume.

      • azt24

        These would be totalitarians share goals with Tehran, not with Israel.

  • Twiglet maniac

    Well said, sir.

  • Andrew Allison

    On the other hand, the President of UM has been forced to resign by its football squad for imaginary offences!

    • Fat_Man

      If he didn’t have the guts to stand up for his position, he shouldn’t have been president in the first place. If he had the courage of his convictions he would have told the football players, that they could play or they could pack their bags. The team is 4-5 (1-4 in conference) and on a 4 game loosing streak. As Branch Rickey said to Ralph Kiner “We finished last with you, we can finish last without you.”

      • f1b0nacc1

        I live in MO (and yes, I am ashamed of this debacle), and have some contacts with students there. One of them is quite close with the basketball team (that isn’t going to finish in the cellar), and they are far, far less willing to engage in this crap. They have something to lose, after all!

      • Andrew Allison

        Agreed, but let’s not overlook the equally, if not more, spineless and irresponsible Trustees who accepted his resignation.

    • lurkingwithintent

      Or maybe as a distraction from the football team’s imaginary offense. Fat_Man says there rest quite well.

      • Andrew Allison

        Good one!

  • jeburke

    Walter, Walter, you still don’t understand. They are not fragile snowflakes. They are fascistic authoritarians, children of the Red Guards of the Cultural Revolution who know exactly what they are doing, whether at Yale of the CAP — namely marginalizing and suppressing speech and people they don’t like, which is pretty much everyone who is not a leftist ideologue.

    • Pete

      Red diaper babies, no doubt.

    • Jim__L

      That’s giving them too much credit. They’re simply archetypal insecure bullies. The irony is, they’ve become the types they refused to stand up to in gradeschool, instead depending on overwhelming authority structures to keep them “safe”.

      These are the shock troops of the nanny state. They need to be stood up to, and sent packing.

      • f1b0nacc1

        Most of them are insecure bullies, but the are some Red Guards mixed in who have real steel in their spines. Also, don’t forget that a big chunk of what is driving this is agitation by staff and faculty, not the students themselves.

    • solstice

      Being a fragile snowflake and being a fascistic authoritarian are not mutually exclusive. For example, the widespread censorship and contempt for free expression that exists in Muslim countries stems from a fear that the prevailing ideology cannot withstand critical scrutiny/criticism. Those who are confident and secure in their positions do not feel the need to suppress the opposing points of view of others.

  • Anthony

    A reminder: pluralism of views – healthy ears can hear foul words – are welcome in thriving democratic societies.

  • ljgude

    I agree with WRM linking the behavior of CAP to the current infantile snowflake culture of higher ed because they are related phenomena. But I agree with jeburke’s remarks too because …well… all infants are totalitarians. The adults at CAP that want to not hear Bibi are grown up sophisticated totalitarians modeling such behavior for the youngsters in college. One wonders how Bard handles the overprotected. I’m coming around to the idea of universal military service for both sexes with lady drill instructors for the girls recruited from the ranks of the Kurdish Army. They might just do for the boys too. I find those single braids hanging down the backs of their uniforms just about the most glorious sight I have ever seen.

    • Tom

      Or the Israeli army. The Kurdish ones are very busy right now.

  • Agreeing to continue with the event doesn’t solve the problem. It just means that the same people who wanted to thought-police the think tank will wait for enough retirements or government appointments, while ensuring that CAP employs more fascists like themselves. Unless there are consequences that roll back the infiltration, the fascists win.

    If CAP wants to save itself, it need to immediately fire either (a) the people behind the internal uproar, or (b) all staff members involved.

    There’s a strong case for (b), laid out in this very article, which says that *all* of these people have demonstrated that they’re totally unfit for their duties. On the other hand, if you can identify the ringleaders here, you might be able use their firing as an object lesson in professionalism that educates the others.

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