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Are you PC?
Campus Free Speech Poll: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
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  • gabrielsyme

    The modern university, inoculating our children against wisdom.

  • rheddles

    Lenny Bruce needs to pick seven new words. Let’s see…

    • mdmusterstone

      Lenny Bruce, OMG he’d be speechless today.

    • f1b0nacc1

      Actually George Carlin was the one with the seven words….Lenny Bruce was a different (though closely related) issue…
      Both were very funny though….did you ever hear the story about Lenny Bruce and Vaughn Meader?

  • FriendlyGoat

    To my way of thinking, colleges should be modeling their “speech codes” and related policies after those existing and/or continuously being adopted in the adult workplaces of large corporations, the military, and state or federal government There is no reason to expose students to anything significantly different from the expected cultures of the places they will soon be going.

    It’s been a while since I read the employee-handbook stuff of large outfits, but we do know that large outfits DO want vigorous interchange and collaboration on appropriate topics and DO NOT want employees harassing each other for “sport” under so-called “free-speech”. Why not just ask the colleges to look to the managements and attorneys of the serious players in the business world and follow suit?

    • Jim__L

      One of the worst aspects of Big Business (in terms of squashing individual freedom) is its speech codes, which overall direct people to focus purely on profits.

      Is that seriously what you want?

      • FriendlyGoat

        Sure, why not? College kids are going to an adult world. Grownups are not allowed to needle each other inappropriately where someone else, the employer, gets the lawsuit.

        I’m aware that this college culture debate is overblown to both the left and the right. It needn’t be.

        If workplaces are too stifling, by the way, the younger ones coming in can work on changing that.

        • Jim__L

          It’s government influence (in the form of court decisions) on Big Business that drives Big Business to zero-tolerance policies on things like displaying a cross in your own office at work. Not proselytizing, not accusing your co-workers of being sinners* — just a simple display of comfort, like a picture of your kids. And don’t get me started about the specific cases in which Government at multiple levels has attempted to squash freedom of conscience and independent thought, surrounding Obergefell.

          With that sort of track record, I don’t think Big Government would be any better than Big Business. Even when Big Government doesn’t have a political agenda it’s pushing, controlling corporations backfires. According to my dad, my grandfather (the old-school defense contractor) frequently came home cursing Robert MacNamara for DoD’s attitude “You’ll sell to us at the price we set, and if you try to do business with anyone else, we’ll throw you in prison for espionage.” Regulatory capture and the lobbying game became a matter of simple survival. Lockheed, Boeing, and the rest have demonstrated time and time again how ineffective regulations are against capture.

          No, I’m looking for something that will take both Big Government *and* Big Business down several notches. Haven’t found it yet. Somehow I don’t think Trump is it, although if he’s serious about being a class traitor it might lead to some useful precedents, to be fulfilled in the future. Slaveholders signing a doc that said “all men are created equal” had some interesting implications down the line. What other precedents he’d more likely set, I hate to think.

          Somehow getting people with power (both in the public and private sectors) to act against their own (selfish) interests is about the only solution I see, here. I don’t think such actions can be decided on rationally, which is one reason I value the non-economic (irrational, even) so much. However, I suspect an irrational act like voting for Trump is more likely to give us a dictator than help us out of our troubles. Carson fascinates me, but I’m hesitant to throw a good man to the sharks in Washington. He can shrug off Trump because the election ultimately is about connecting to voters rather than a true face-off, but when it comes to something like staring down Vladimir Putin (or members of congress who might directly oppose him), what sort of effective reaction would he come up with? Neither memory, nor imagination, provide an answer.

          I should probably stop the brain dump and get some sleep. I thank you for the stimulating questions. =)

          * If the Hebrew translations I’ve read are correct (there are definitely folks here who could correct me, if they aren’t) Satan means “accuser”. So accusing anyone of sin is, literally, Satanic behavior. That brings me up short from time to time, but not often enough, I’m afraid.

          • FriendlyGoat

            And thank you for an interesting response. I particularly like your whole third paragraph and your whole last paragraph, and I like the fact that you are civil with me and sharing some depth of your thoughts. I didn’t think it was a brain “dump”. I think you are exceeding a lot of what I have seen in comment sections.

  • Jim__L

    California has a “trigger warning” called Proposition 65, which warns people about buildings that contain materials that may cause cancer.

    It’s slapped on pretty much every single building in the state.

    It would probably save time if we just made a generalized trigger warning that could be slapped on every single publication at a college, then just move on.

  • Eurydice

    It seems that 1/3 of those responding didn’t know what’s in the First Amendment, so that seems like a problem. But, perhaps, there should have been a question on “presumption of innocence.” Some hate speech is “in-your-face” obvious, but other times it’s just “stupid speech” – asking for (and listening to) clarification can save a lot of time, energy and angst.

  • jeburke

    Well, of course, that great word “liberal” simply doesn’t fit these fascistic leftists just because they continue to apply it to themselves.

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