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Cyber Insecurity
WikiLeaks Releases CIA Director’s Family Information
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  • circleglider

    This news also continues to fill in a picture of WikiLeaks and related figures such as Edward Snowden that’s troubling. Whatever the agenda of Assange, Snowden, and company is, civic-minded reform of the United States government is no longer it (if it ever was)… At a minimum, we’re dealing with useful idiots, with an anti-U.S. agenda, who don’t care about collateral damage.

    What would you have them do? Write a letter to an Inspector General?This sort of soul-cleansing equivocation has become a house institution at The American Interest.

  • fleiter69

    Wikileaks is nothing but an organization dedicated to destroying the United States, We are their only target, Our intel operatives should be treating them as an enemy force of spies. Either turn them, imprison them, or kill them.

  • Andrew Allison

    Oh, come on! OMB provided all that information to a presumed enemy about millions of Federal employees a few months ago. Let’s talk about the useless idiots running our government.

    • mgoodfel

      It would be nice if the NSA would spend some effort to improve security, rather than weaken it so they can spy on everyone.

      • Jim__L

        First thing they need to do in that case is throw Hillary in jail.

  • Fat_Man

    The only saving grace of the Obama administration has been that it is too incompetent to do as much harm as it wants to do. if they were smart enough to fix cyber-security, they would be vicious enough to use it to persecute Americans who do not cleave to the leftist line.

  • How many more Administration officials still have unsecured accounts?

  • Dan

    I have a hard time feeling sorry for anyone in the government having their emails read. More importantly, why is he using an AOL account? It’s not 1995

  • Jim__L

    We have Wikileaks because of the “Patriot” Act. We have the “Patriot” Act because of a terrorist act (9/11). Leaks enable terrorists to make attacks like 9/11 more effectively.

    Continued leaks are not the way to solve this progression.

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