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Kansas GOP Hunts for Voter Fraud

The Kansas GOP is taking a new approach to fighting voter fraud, the explosive topic that many in the GOP say is rampant and many Democrats say is a smokescreen designed to give cover to Republican efforts at voter suppression. Instead of pushing for more restrictive voter ID laws, Kansas has given its Secretary of State special powers to prosecute election misconduct. The Associated Press reports:

Kansas is unique among U.S. states in recently granting its top elections official the power to prosecute alleged voting irregularities himself, and Republican Secretary of State Kris Kobach is looking to move a contentious national debate past tough voter identification laws.

Kobach’s office earlier this month filed three election fraud cases in two counties, accusing the defendants of illegally voting in Kansas while casting ballots in the same elections in other states. The law allowing his office to do so — instead of forwarding evidence to prosecutors — took effect in July, and Kobach has promised to pursue more cases in the next two months.

The interesting thing about this initiative is that it might offer—in time—some hard evidence in an area marked by demagoguery on both sides. Democrats swear (unconvincingly, given the number of corrupt big city machines under the Democratic tent) that electoral fraud is a Thing of the Distant Past, while the GOP swears (without enough evidence to convinced the unbiased mind) that it is prevalent enough to be guarded against.

So what we need is answers. In the nature of things, that has to come from officials hunting for it and trying to prove it in court. If they find evidence, that will tell us something, and we can adjust policy accordingly. And if there are a number of efforts that keep coming up with nothing, then we’ve also learned something (and the case for voter identification laws will get much weaker). We should approach this debate with open minds, ready to receive facts—so its important that the Kansas Secretary of State wield his new power even-handedly, and resists pressures to turn this into another partisan scrum.

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  • Pete

    The Democrats honestly believe an election isn’t fair unless they’re allowed to cheat in in one way or another.

  • qet

    The Democrats successfully use the memory of active black vote suppression in the Deep South, practiced pretty much entirely by Democrats, as their own smokescreen to cover their efforts to overwhelm the poll booths with non-citizens and non-existent voters. They simply keep shouting “No evidence” when there is already plenty of evidence.

    • John Morris

      In other words they obey the Three Laws of SJW:

      1. SJWs always lie.
      2. SJWs always double down.
      3. SJWs always project.

      This article is also a smokescreen. We know, as cold hard court documented fact, that Senator Franken was elected with more convictions/plea bargains for election fraud than the margin in his victory. If proven election fraud resulting in a sitting U.S. Senator isn’t reason enough to consider steps to prevent future fraud I’d really like to have the author explain his criteria. Not to mention that a really compelling case can be made that President Kennedy won election based on rampant fraud, especially in LBJ’s Texas.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    It seems to me that ensuring the sanctity of “One Person, One Vote” is fundamental to the legitimacy of a well functioning Democracy. And that the only reason that the Democrats have for objecting, is that they are cheating. All of the reasons the Democrats put forward are bogus and fall apart under scrutiny. Voter ID for example: no one can get a bank account or cash a check, or do a dozen other activities without a valid Picture ID, so presenting an ID to vote should be easy. Do we really want people voting that lack the ability to get a Picture ID? By not requiring a valid ID to vote, we let anyone vote, whether they are citizens with the right to vote or not.

  • BetinaVillagrosa

    GOP is always worried about imagined problems. The real problem is that “those” people are voting the wrong way.
    Voting rate is shamefully low. There is no voter fraud. There is no hordes of people lining up to vote illegally. No evidence has ever been found.
    Same thing about Obamacare victims. Every single case turned out to be a farce.
    GOP wants only rich white and old and angry rural people to vote. Them foreigners in them cities ain’t real americans.

    • Dale Fayda

      No voter fraud, ha? None at all, you say?

      I beg to differ. These are just a FEW examples. I can put dozens more next to these ones. Care to explain?

      Truly, a liberal mind is diseased.

      • BetinaVillagrosa

        you can also find people who believe that earth is flat. So what?

        • Dale Fayda

          So what? Democrats are endemic voter cheats, that’s what.

        • CapitalHawk

          BV says “There is no voter fraud.”

          Dale provides evidence that there is indeed voter fraud.

          BV responds with non sequitur and a “so what?”

          • BetinaVillagrosa

            Several independent and legitimate news agencies have looked into this issue and have empty handed. The distinction is in degrees. There might have been some cases, lets say 0.001%, who might have voted illegally even though there is scant evidence even for that. There are more people shot by toddlers than there are people who voted illegally. That’s does not justify the hysteria that surrounds voter IDs movement. Faux “News” can make war on christmas sound like a world war.
            Voter ID movement has one ugly aim. To suppress the votes of “them folks” . Period.

          • Dale Fayda

            Have you thrown up on your keyboard from “spinning” so much yet? Your party is a criminal enterprise, at all levels. Its affiliates and its leadership are awash in in criminality of all types, from Acorn to Planned Parenthood to the New Black Panthers to the Clinton crime family.

            A progressive mind is an ugly, diseased thing.

          • BetinaVillagrosa

            that means a majority of american are criminals as they keep voting for the imagined criminal enterprise. Planned Parenthood has done nothing wrong and whole lot of right. Black Panthers are joke compared to damage done by NRA and the Wall Street. Acorn? Wow you are really obsessed about “them folks”. Gays, Minorities, women all getting rights only your kind used to have. The world is closing on you, my friend. BTW, You cannot have your country back. Sorry we are keeping it. Move to Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria,..No gun control, no separation between church and state, no taxes, no government..Sounds like paradise, right?

          • Dale Fayda

            As I said before, a progressive mind is an ugly, diseased thing.

            When faced with irrefutable video evidence of their criminality, liberals still deny, deflect and obfuscate. People like you are evil – no other way to put it. Progressivism uber alles, right?

            “Them folks…”? The GOP has (2) Hispanics, a black man, an Indian and a woman running for President. Democrat party has OLD, OLD white people. The GOP has (2) Indian governors, (2) Hispanic Senators, (2) Hispanic governors (both just won re-election is landslides in Blue states), the first female Senator from the state of Iowa, the youngest female member of Congress, the first black female congresswoman from the state of Utah , the first black Senator from South Carolina since the Reconstruction and the the first black member of Congress to represent W. Texas (a deep Blue district). On the other hand, Robert Byrd (D), a former Klan organizer and Kleagle from W. Virginia sat in the Senate for over (30) years with nary a peep from the likes of you.

            More to the point of this article, you went from denying the existence of Democrat voter fraud at all to trying to deflect when shown clear evidence of it. While most people voting for the criminal enterprise that is the Democrat party are just deluded fools motivated by racial hatred, greed and envy, your ilk is purposefully lawless.
            Failure, oppression, poverty, depravity, indignity, hatred and envy are your party’s stock in trade. You don’t scare me, but you do disgust me.

          • John Dowd

            “Move to Sierra Leone, Sudan, Syria,.”. What’s wrong with Mexico. Or El Salvador, Honduras, Cuba, Venezuela, Putin’s Russia, Commie China or North Korea. All are fine examples of “Progressive” government. You should “eat your own cooking” and move to “progressive paradise”. Leave America to Americans.

          • Dale Fayda

            From the “you can’t make this up” pile: ttp://

            This is yet another attempt by liberals to marginalize “them folks” – white people. Isn’t it, BV?

            Like I said, Democrats are criminals on EVERY level. They can’t help themselves – fraud is in the liberal DNA.

          • CapitalHawk

            Here is a list of a few things you need an ID to do (note that several of them are rights guaranteed under the Constitution):

            1. Boarding an airplane
            2. Writing a check
            3. Cashing a check
            4. Driving a motor vehicle
            5. Applying for a business license
            6. Applying for permission to hold a protest or rally
            7. Securing employment
            8. Purchasing a house or real estate
            9. Renting a domicile
            10. Renting a motor vehicle
            11. Purchasing a firearm
            12. Applying for a hunting license
            13. Applying for a fishing license
            14. Purchasing alcoholic beverages
            15. Purchasing tobacco or products that contain nicotine
            16. Purchasing or renting a motor vehicle
            17. Initial registration of a motor vehicle
            18. Applying for a building permit
            19. Receiving prescription medicine
            20. Purchasing OTC medicine that contains pseudoephedrine
            21. Serving on a jury
            22. Opening a bank account

            None of them are the foundation of all determinations of our government. Elections are and are therefore vastly more important than any of these listed things. Please explain why it is a bad thing to ensure that only those qualified to vote in an election (i.e. over 18, citizen, and resident of place where voting) do so. Please attempt to do so without resorting to claims of “racist” or variations thereof.

          • Fred

            OK. Let’s assume arguendo that voter fraud is not a huge problem at the moment. Is it irrational to try to prevent it from becoming one? Just because a bank is rarely robbed doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have security measures in place. Considering the stakes are the legitimacy of our democracy, it is just prudent to take precautions. The argument that vote fraud measures suppress votes is nonsense. Capital Hawk above (or below depending on how you’re sorting the comments) provided quite a list of things far less important than voting that require and ID. I would add that IDs are easily obtained and generally cheap if not free. Where that is not the case, providing them to those who cannot afford them is a government expenditure I’m sure left and right can agree on. It seems to me the burden of proof is on those who claim anti-fraud measures suppress votes. Do you have any such proof? If your answer to either of the questions I’ve posed here is “Republicans are racist,” that will tell us a lot more about you than about Republicans.

          • BetinaVillagrosa

            Cheap to you. Also, In Texas, student IDs are not acceptable but concealed gun permits are. Me thinks they don’t want them educated people voting but gun nuts are welcome.

          • Anthony

            “Voter turnout has never been particularly high in the United States compared to other advanced democracies, and it is especially low in the primary elections that determine candidates for Congress and President.”

            By way of summation Betina, knowledge and insight and the ability to apply both in a country of 315 million plus would generally constrain and focus voter fraud polemics. But a vocal segment of our populace (though perhaps possessed with rationality, knowledge, and insight) sees political adversaries not Americans who may have another perspective than their own. That being the case ( and even though your perspective in an open forum reflects American principles), a political adversary at TAI enters an arena akin to that of an amateur among card players in a cooperative game (perhaps using marked cards) – engage with forethought.

          • Fred

            Cheap to you.

            Exactly what part(s) of “providing [IDs] to those who cannot afford them is a government expenditure I’m sure left and right can agree on” do you not understand? I didn’t get the impression you are terribly knowledgeable or thoughtful, but I did get the impression English was your native language. Perhaps it isn’t.

            In Texas, student IDs are not acceptable but concealed gun permits are.

            The logical response to this is “so what?” Are Texas concealed carry permits a) denied to minorities, the poor and/or registered Democrats qua minority, poor, or Democrat and b) the only ID accepted at Texas polling places? If the answer to both questions is no, which it certainly is, then your statement is irrelevant. Focus, BV, focus.

            Me thinks [sic] they don’t want them educated people voting but gun nuts are welcome.

            This is what the late Steve Allen called “dumbth” in his book of that title. It is the ideological equivalent of “Nyah nyah.”

            Finally, a word to the wise BV. This is not your Facebook page or a “progressive” echo chamber. Most of the commenters here are knowledgeable and intelligent. Coming here and spewing left blog straw men only makes you look ridiculous. So do some homework. Read something other than HuffPo or DailyKos. And at least try to construct a valid argument and support it with evidence instead of emoting progblog cliches. Just trying to be helpful.

          • CapitalHawk

            BV – there is a logical reason for accepting concealed gun permits and not student IDs. Texas concealed gun permits are issued only to people over the age of 21. Student IDs are issued to students, and I can confirm that not all of them are over the age of 18 (which, in case you didn’t know, is the age required to be able to legally vote in the United States).

            Your spouting of comments without prior thought made me think of the old story from G.K. Chesterton’s “The Thing” (which you should obviously read). As he put it:

            “Some person had some reason for thinking it would be a good thing for somebody. And until we know what the reason was, we really cannot judge whether the reason was reasonable. It is extremely probable that we have overlooked some whole aspect of the question, if something set up by human beings like ourselves seems to be entirely meaningless and mysterious. There are reformers who get over this difficulty by assuming that all their fathers were fools; but if that be so, we can only say that folly appears to be a hereditary disease.”

        • Tom

          That is true, and I’m replying to one right now.

  • Fred

    Well of course the Democrats oppose attempts to stop voter fraud. Take away the dead vote, the prison vote, the nonexistent voter vote, and the illegal immigrant vote and how the heck are they supposed to win elections?

  • CapitalHawk

    The Republicans just need to start practicing their own voter fraud. Then the Dems might be a bit more interested in prohibiting it.

  • Jim__L

    The premise of this article is flawed; the best test of whether or not there is voter fraud would not be a detection effort led by much public fanfare.

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