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Africa's God Wars
African Jihadi Movements Are an International Issue
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  • Anthony

    United States Africa Command – ” in this context, its worth reemphasizing that, before the U.S. moved up these efforts, Africa was – by Washington’s own estimation – relatively free of transnational Islamic terror groups.”

    Sobering overall assessment WRM. But, AFICOM has operated for better than a decade while U.S. missions there have soared (yes, even in the best of times). Nevertheless, you’re right weak and poorly structured governments facilitated the network of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates/adherents to exploit both porous borders and undergoverned regions. And now (if it ever has only been), “it isn’t just a local problem”. Moreover, transregional terrorists and criminal networks continue to adapt and expand aggressively. So, here we are! The fictional threat (Silent Quest 15-1 War Games) has materialized and U.S. has interests (perhaps unaware to general public) on the continent; interests increasingly being threatened by Al-Qaeda, Ansar al-Sharia, Boko Haram, ISIL, and Al-Murabitun (transnational Islamic terror groups).

    Something of interest and definitely related:

  • Kevin

    I wonder how much this is just a reflection of developments in the Middle East. For example you write about the role of Gulf money in string extremism. But the Saudis and other Sunni powers are unlikely to reduce their support for extremist Sunni preachers and groups if they feel they need them to support themselves against the Iranian-Shia led axis in the Middle East. Blowback from thus into Sub-Saharan Africa is next to irrelevant in their calculations.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    I don’t think there is much that can be done to help these cultures. A strategy is needed that has proven itself elsewhere. We know from experience that just giving the Wilsonians money and a mandated to meddle will do more damage than good. Obviously these people need a new culture more inline with mankind’s Successful Western Cultures. Cultures however change at glacial speeds, and the African Region is the most backward of all. Limiting the success of the Jihadists being spawned by the backward Islamic Culture is only a bandaid, treating the symptom. It isn’t a solution which treats the underlying disease of Islamic and Tribal Cultures.
    The Bush Strategy of placing a seed of the Superior American Culture in the middle of Islamoland Iraq, was our best shot at accelerating the adoption of a better Culture that didn’t continually spawn Jihadists. But the worst President in American History “Obama”, couldn’t wait to abandoned that extremely expensive, in blood, treasure, and time, “strategy” before it had produced more than the “Arab Spring”. Now mankind is left without any Strategy which would help uplift the miserable peoples of the region.

    • Fred

      Obviously these people need a new culture more inline [sic] with mankind’s Successful Western Cultures.

      Yeeeaah, good luck with that.

      “Remember son, we’re here to help the Vietnamese because inside every gook there’s an American struggling to get out.”

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