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Immigration and the European Far Right
How the European Elite Drove the Rise of the Far-Right
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  • Tom

    Is TAI finally starting to get what its commenters figured out weeks ago? When you attempt to delegitimize the concerns of your constitutents, they will not simply bow and tug their forelocks, they will find somewhere where they think their concerns are respected. When TAI will actually bring this insight to bear on the current primaries is currently unknown.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    If the so called far-right is moving into the majority, it is by definition no longer the far-right, and you shouldn’t say it is as this demonstrates bias. The continuous slandering by the leftists that anti-immigrationists are racists, is clearly a lie. These people are patriots trying to protect the Culture and preserve the National Inheritance that has made their citizens wealthy and secure. They see hordes of gold digging immigrants invading their homeland, who don’t speak their language, who bring their inferior cultures with them even while attempting to escape the poverty and squalor those same cultures created in their nation of origin. They are fully justified in objecting to these aliens corrupting their culture, voting for more taxes to be spent on them, and stealing an unearned share of the National Inheritance. It’s like having a complete stranger move into your home and start eating out of your refrigerator, without contributing towards the expense of maintaining the home.

    • Jim__L

      The way I see it, it’s more like the Turks moving into Asia Minor after the Byzantine Empire’s defeat at the battle of Manzikert. Only, there wasn’t any battle. The interests and morals of the elites just fell out of congruence with the interests and morals of the rest of the population.

      Does anyone else here see parallels between the international European leadership class of today, and the aristocratic leadership class of various European Imperia of the last few centuries? They have their own interests, which are not the interests of the people they should be serving.

      It’s possible that democracy could solve these problems. The trouble is, the solutions will probably look a whole lot more populist than the elites are comfortable with, which means the whole system risks exploding before the elites can be made to come around.

    • Corlyss

      It never has been the far right. It’s always been the old mainstream consensus reviled as “the bourgeoisie” POV since the 60s. Language abuse has left the Left with nowhere to go in their terminology except “Nazi”. People mock that term when it gets trotted out.

  • Boritz

    Future TAI post : Far Extreme Right wins 80% of vote. Moderates driven from serious consideration.

    • Jim__L

      One wonders when “Left”, “Moderate”, and “Right” will get recalibrated to reflect the actual gaussian political distribution of the population.

      • Yes, these are supposed to be neutral terms based on polling. I have not seen Sanders described as a Far Left Extremist although neutral analysis of his positions marks him as exactly that. But whatever. We are in it now. People will see events and hear the various reactions. “Right Wing” won’t sound so scary any more since the alternative will be biting them in the arse. Forward.

      • KPG

        Umm–“…”the actual gaussian political distribution of the population”–which population? European? American? One specific country? Don’t you think it may differe from place to place? Let’s not generalise…

        • Jim__L

          Europe and America are recognized as being very different, it would be useful to make a distinction between the “European Right” and “American Right”.

  • Pete

    What kind of screwballs want to flood their country with Third Worlders? The Mexicans coming here are bad enough but when the aliens are muslims, that’s suicide for a Western society.

  • How many of these “far right” folks have a genuine knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior? Without Christ the nations of Europe have no defense against what is coming, no matter the political affiliation.

    • Ellen

      Surprisingly, I agree with you. As a Jewish person, I hope every committed Jew gets out of Europe soon and moves to Israel or America. The only way Europe can save itself from looking like….Syria (as one possible example) is if it begins to believe in what made it unique before, and also provided a basis for national and pan-European identity. That something was Christianity.

      European Christianity became a poisonous ideology permeated with hatred, first of Jews, then later of deviant Christians and others, including Muslims. But, the Muslims disappeared from Europe after the Reconquista in Iberia and after the Turks were driven from the gates of Vienna at the end of the 17th century. Then, sadly, the Jews became the main targets for hatred.

      On the second go round of Christianity, they need to come up with something that more resembles American Christianity. If they don’t, there will be not only a conflict between Islam and “Christian” Europe, but within the Christian population itself. And then, it will really resemble Syria.

      But, without Christianity and a belief in transcendent values, Europe will disappear into a mudhole very soon.

      • It needs to be genuine Christianity, though. Christianity did not overcome Rome because it was easy-peasy-do-what-you-want-ism. Christianity overcame Rome because Christians went to the arena, but not simply because, but how, they went to the arena. They went to the arena praising God. Nero was not called “The Beast” for nothing.

        • Jim__L

          It’s fascinating to read the old Roman authors accuse Christians of “hating humanity”. That old canard is being taken out of the recycling bin of history, dusted off, and put to use again.

          That’s not to say that there aren’t clear examples of nominal Christians abusing temporal power, through the years. Also, accusatory behavior on the part of Christians gives us a bad name. Too often Christians never even learn that the name Satan means “accuser”, and forget to teach the Gospel that goes with the (very real, very important) Law.

          I’m hopeful for the future. When the spirit of these times is dead, Scripture and the Holy Spirit will live on.

          • It is fascinating, true, but keep in mind that they would have thought themselves and their society as the pinnacle of humanity, so, the Christians and what they did, undermining that society, well, the rest just follows logically.

  • lhfry

    “….many concerned about the issue felt they had nowhere else to go.” And the majority will sit on its hands. This is a fitting end to a foolish foolish policy.

  • stan

    If you never refer to the Far Left, but frequently refer to the Far Right, credibility gets shredded into little pieces of nothing. One would think this should be blatantly obvious to anyone with at least a room temp IQ, but then we have the evidence of many decades of silliness from the left-leaning news media. Those who seek to retain more credibility than the idiots at the NY Times might take notice. But we know better than to hold our breath.

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