Chinese Immigration
Anchor Babies in Brazil?

Yep, the Chinese are having them. Folha de S. Paolo reports:

“He shui! He shui!” says nurse Patrícia Pinheiro to expectant mothers at the prenatal section of the Primary Care Unit (UBS, in its Portuguese abbreviation) at Sé, close to the Avenida do Estado, in the center of São Paulo.

With an increasing number of Chinese women seeking assistance at the health center, Pinheiro’s instruction to drink water was given not in Portuguese, but Chinese.

According to two doctors, two nurses and an interpreter to whom Folha spoke, the immigrants hope to guarantee their stay in Brazil by having babies in the country. Parents of children born in Brazil cannot be deported, by law. […]

Currently, there are more than 58,000 Chinese people legalized in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Justice. This figure does not take into account those in Brazil illegally or those in the process of obtaining their documents.

Stories like these underline the determination many Chinese have of securing a reliable escape hatch as the situation in China gets rickety. Taken alongside all the recent evidence of massive capital flows leaving China (even as Beijing takes extraordinary measures to stabilize the economy), it starts to look like lots of very successful and well-informed people in China think there is something serious to worry about.

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