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The ACA Debate: Both Moderate and Not

America is cautiously open to the Affordable Care Act, according to a new Bloomberg Politics poll: 51 percent of respondents are willing to give the ACA some more time, replying that the law might need some tweaks but “we should see how it works.” More:

Twelve percent said President Barack Obama’s signature legislative accomplishment should be left alone, 35 percent said it should be repealed, and two percent said they weren’t sure. […]

The number of Americans who want the law erased has remained fairly consistent over the past five years since Obama signed it. In July 2010, 37 percent said the law should be repealed. Two years later, 34 percent favored repealing the law.

Other polls have found that Americans on the whole prefer improving the ACA to full-on repeal-and-replace. That’s a hard sell given the polarized debate over the law, both in DC and in the nation at large. Because while only 35 percent of the country may want repeal, 68 percent of Republicans do, which means that the GOP will be for the time being a party of repeal. With one of the two national parties so strongly committed to repeal, the ACA debate isn’t likely to shift towards a consensus anytime soon.

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