The Nuclear Deal
Polls: An Iran Deal, Yes. This Iran Deal? Maybe.

As President Obama campaigns for support for the deal with Iran—what he calls the “once in a lifetime” shot at peace and nuclear non-proliferation—and skeptics from Congress to Presidential candidates to Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu line up to try to “kill” it, what do the American people think?

Polls show Americans supportive but deeply skeptical of the framework nuclear deal announced with Iran last week. A Washington Post/ABC poll found people supportive of the framework agreement by a 59 to 31 percent margin, though only 37 percent felt they were “very” or “somewhat” confident the deal would succeed in containing Iran. A Pew poll released this week found respondents saying that Iran is “not serious” about addressing nuclear concerns by a margin of 63 to 27 percent, with around the same number of people favoring Congress having the final say in the deal.

Differences between what was agreed and how it’s being sold in both Washington and Tehran are either quite substantive or not that significant, depending on whom you ask. Not only will this give those who mistrust the deal room to try to sink it; it should give those who are skeptical but open to a deal, including the American public, reason to keep wondering how Iran understands the deal it’s just signed up for—and how sincerely it means to stick by it.

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