Obama's Iran Policy
Ahab’s Shipmates Head for Lifeboat

With each passing day, more and more of the President’s supporters are letting it be known that, however supportive they are of an Iran deal as an abstract proposition, they are getting cold feet about the actual direction of U.S. policy. Today, it’s Frederic C. Hof, President Obama’s former point man on Syria, who’s written on the Atlantic Council’s website that:

It speaks volumes that a White House furious with the Prime Minister of Israel feels no apparent anger toward Iranian leaders who facilitate slaughter in Syria. No doubt, Mr. Netanyahu has said and done things that have provoked dismay, frustration, and anger. He is not, however, the person mainly responsible for keeping in place a Syrian political actor who for four years has waged a campaign of mass murder that has destroyed Syria, conjured the Islamic State (ISIS or ISIL), and destabilized a neighborhood filled with allies and friends of the United States. The energy expended to punish Prime Minister Netanyahu might be more usefully vectored toward protecting Syrian civilians from Assad and his principal benefactor.

The bipartisan consensus against Obama’s Middle East policy is getting wider and deeper all the time.

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