ACA Agonistes
Polls Reveal a Muddled Middle On Health Care
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  • vepxistqaosani

    Perhaps we should wait to judge the ACA until the Obama (or some successor) administration finally allows all the law’s provisions to take effect.

    • MartyH

      Agreed. Assuming the R’s take the Senate, they should pass an Obamacare time limit. Either the law is enforced in its entirety by, say, Oct 1 2016, or those provisions that are not enforced are voided. Politically, I’d think it would be a tough bill to veto-or even vote against..

      • Boritz

        I like this idea, sort of, but the problem is it dignifies this whole lawless, ad hoc implementation.

        • MartyH

          The path to returning to a nation of laws begins with clear, well written, easily enforceable. Consider the alternative-Obamacare’s implementation will depend not on the text of the law that was passed in 2010 but on the whim of whoever the current President is..

      • Andrew Allison

        Why not enforce it in it’s entirety with immediate effect and fix the problems rather than continuing the charade for another two years.

  • FriendlyGoat

    It’s not very sensible (for us) for Republicans to be elected for all OTHER issues by being “opportunistic” on the ACA with “blathering incoherence”. Citizens maybe can be forgiven for not fully understanding all the intricacies and trade-offs in health insurance, but the BIGGER issue they are suffering from is the “blathering incoherence” being perpetually peddled that tax cuts create livable jobs.

  • Richard Resnick

    Kasich is so popular in Ohio not on his own merits but because his Democrat challenger this year imploded in scandal and bad behavior. With a viable challenge from the Democrats Kasich would likely still have prevailed but it would have been a much closer election.

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