After Sykes-Picot
The Erased Borders of the Middle East
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  • Corlyss

    “it won’t look like the old landscape”
    The landscape will be the same. It’s the maps, liars at best, that won’t. Of course, the map of north America is gone too.

    • Andrew Allison

      Except for the destruction wrought during the undoing.

  • lehnne

    the only point of interest in this article is that the best and brightest thought the map meant something right up until the present

    • Zimriel

      At least the neocons can’t be blamed for this one. They had a more sensible map:

      But the map was evil because joos.

      • Tom

        Unfortunately, the Neocons didn’t draw the map, Ralph Peters did, and he did not fit in with the neoconservatives due to the fact that he actually believed that cultural differences were important.

  • Diggsc

    The countries whose existing borders surround oil-rich deposits will not easily yield to this new map drawing effort. As moronic as it was to ignore tribal affiliation with the antebellum border drawing, it will be equally moronic to ignore fossil fuel deposits today.

  • jaytrain

    So the vile and loathsome arabs will carve up other vile and loathsome arabs : what’s not to like .

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