FIsh Or Cut Bait on Ukraine
George Soros Sounds Wake-Up Call on Ukraine
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  • Fat_Man

    Anyone who thinks that money runs politics in this country needs to explain Soros’ article. Soros is the funding base of the Democrat party. He paid for Obama’s election. Why can’t he call Obama on the phone and tell him what US policy on Ukraine will be? Could it be that the world is more complicated than the Democrats make it out to be?

    • Curious Mayhem

      The figurehead has left the reservation, location uncertain.

  • Tom

    Now I’m beginning to get twitchy about backing Ukraine. If George Soros backs it, I’m wondering where the angle is.
    Still pro-Ukrainian, mind.

  • GS

    I read somewhere a quote from Shamil Basayev: “the russians want to drown everyone in the crap they are themselves drowning”. A very apt description of one of their way of life’s facets, by the way. Therefore, those who do not want to live in such way, are to be understood and supported.

  • Question is, WRM, is whether Soros and Carter (and likeminded others) actually begin to get a glimpse of where the principles are wrong. This is not an Obama problem. It’s a progressive left problem. It would have been good news if that important constituency could actually do a think and reorganize its guiding ideas. But I’m not sure this is happening. More likely we’re talking ad hominem.

    • Mary Wilbur

      The progressives do not reflect on their ideas. Even if they could reflect, since they have revised history it would only confirm the rightness of their beliefs.

      • If they could reflect on their ideas, or the results of their policies, they couldn’t be Progs…

  • Curious Mayhem

    It’s ironic, because Soros is the one, more than any other, who wanted “Europe” to enter post-historical nirvana, where the functions of national sovereignty — like self-defense — would be euthanized.

    Too bad that didn’t work out. He’ll keep calling for “Europe” to wake up, instead of France, Germany, Italy, Britain, etc. Better luck next time.

  • David E.M. Thompson

    Perhaps he should stop sending checks to his Citizen of the World buddy.

  • So tell Soros to take his misbegotten billions and fund his own army. Why should OUR taxpayers – or our sons – pay for the decision by Ukraine to give up their nukes, so to be attacked by Russia? Is Putin correct in blaming the West for aggressively moving east? You bet. Does that give him the right to invade another nation? Nope. Did Ukraine voluntarily give up their strategic deterrent? Yep – oops.
    The entire Ukraine mess in three points:
    1. Ukraine foolishly believed ANYONE would go to war to protect it, so relinquished their nukes.
    2. An egomaniacal West, flush with Cold War victory, got too big for its britches and didn’t recognize there was a new man in the Kremlin and engaged him without thinking it through.
    3. This is a THUNDEROUSLY LOUD advertisement FOR proliferation, and you can bet that Saudi Arabia and Japan are paying attention.

    • Mary Wilbur

      Doesn’t Soros know that climate change is the most dangerous situation facing the world at this time? According to POTUS, Kerry, the EPA, Greenpeace, and the Sierra Club that tops the list of disasters. Everything else is peanuts.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      Everything you say is true, except that U.S (as well as Russia) guaranteed Ukrainian sovereignty when Ukraine gave up their nukes. Whether we should have done this or not is a different story.

      • Yeah I know we were part of Budapest. That doesn’t alter any of my points, however, it just emphasizes point 1: “anybody” obviously means the two nations that guaranteed Ukraine’s borders: USA, Russia. Oops.

        • Sibir_RUS

          It was quite predictable reaction of the people of Crimea after the unconstitutional seizure of power by the Nazis in Kiev.

      • Sibir_RUS

        «On March 16 Crimea is to hold a referendum to define its fate. The decision has evoked an extremely nervous reaction in the West. US President Barack Obama said it violated international law but never adduced any legal arguments to support the statement. The same applies to other statements on this account, they all lack legal substantiations. The United Nations International Court of Justice handed down an advisory opinion in 2010 saying unambiguously that the unilateral declaration of
        independence is in accordance with the international law. The referendum in Crimea does not violate any whatsoever international legal norms. To the contrary, it’s an example of compliance with international law by the people of Crimea.»

        • Mary Wilbur

          Russia’s annexation of the Crimea didn’t bother me the way it did others. The Crimea was part of Russia until Nikita Khrushchev, leader of the Soviet Union and an ethnic Ukrainian, gave the Crimea to the Ukraine.

  • Arkeygeezer

    Maybe Soros will help pay Ukraine’s gas bill.

    • Sibir_RUS

      This financial vulture is one of the sponsors of the fascist coup in Ukraine.
      Have you ever seen a vulture, which helps to survive his victim?

  • Anthony

    “The European Union could save itself by saving Ukraine” (George Soros). A signal component of Wake Up, Europe is Putin provides alternative to EU – repression at home, aggression abroad, and sans rule of law.

  • John Tyler

    George Soros has actively supported those politicians that live in the utopian, peace-nik, heaven-on-earth, left wing fantasy world-view
    ( the OBAMIAN world view) that ALL people, especially leaders of nations, want the same things as they do, and will use peaceful means to achive them.
    And when confronted with an “irrational” leader, like Putin, they really, really believe that the a judicious and forceful application of “reason” and “commonsense” will , conveyed only with words, be sufficient to have a “Putin” see the light.
    This is the arrogance, the conceit, the hubris, and the abject stupidity common to the leftist , self-anointed “intellectuals,” like Obama and his ilk.
    Well Soros can buy himself an army, with himself at its front, and challenge the Russian military and the “separatists” in Ukraine.
    Putin will do the entire world a favor if his army or mercenaries can provide Soros a fatal wound.

    As an aside, Neville Chamberlain, another lefty, utopian idiot, intellectual, was convinced that Hitler, the leader of a world power, actually desired peace and all that was required was for the UK and France was to “understand” Hitler’s concerns. Chamberlain could not conceive that an individual in a position of power did not think and believe in what he, Chamberlain , believed.

    Yep, history does repeat.

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