Islamic Statecraft
ISIS Executes Hundreds of Sunni Tribesmen
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    ISIS is being blown so out of proportion, they are just a bunch of criminals doing what criminals do, murder, rape, robbery, and enslavement, all legal according to Shariah law. Here they are killing Sunni’s (they are supposed to be Sunnis) because they are the wrong flavor of Sunnis? The West should just sit back and let the Sunni Jihadists focus all their resources on killing the Shiite Jihadists and vice-a-versa. This is exactly what we want them to do, to keep the innocents in the west safer.

    We tried to change the Islamic culture that is spawning all these vile Jihadists when we planted a Democracy in the middle of Islamoland Iraq. But the incompetent and weak Obama couldn’t wait to abandon the seedling of Democracy planted there at such great expense in thousands of lives, trillions of dollars, and a decade of effort. So the west no longer has a dog in this fight, and overriding reasons to stay out of it. The presence of Western Infidels is a unifying target for all the Jihadists (we want them fighting each other), and the use of all their resources in killing each other keeps innocent westerners safe.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      West does have one friend in the area – Kurds. Unfortunately, we still hope stupidly for the artificial country of Iraq to work, instead of supporting Kurdish independence.

    • Arkeygeezer

      I agree, but they are a bunch of criminals with modern weapons including tanks and artillery. If we protect the Kurds, ISIS’ next target will probably be the Shiites who have the backing of the Iran military.

  • John B Gorentz

    This is informative. ISIS uses traditional tribal relationships to gain power, then destroys those relationships that bound people together and replaces them with loyalty to ISIS. I think the planet saw something similar in the last century.

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