Is Venezuela About to Default?
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  • Andrew Allison

    Clearly an ideal candidate for a U.N. Security Council seat! Let’s move the U.N. headquarters to Caracas.

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    How bad could it get, you ask? Take a look at Cuba or North Korea for an example of a Big Government Monopoly destroying its own economy.

  • John Tyler

    Maduro could not care less about the citizens of Venezuela; surely, his Swiss bank accounts are amply funded.
    Note that the Venezuelan voters Elected Chavez – in their stupidity- and they are now suffering the consequences of that election.
    As in Argentina, the Venezuelan people voted for economic and political suicide, just as in the USA where the electorate has voted in – TWICE- the neo-communist, hate America first, ober-golfen-fuhrer Barry Obama, who in spirit and personality is stll living in his choom gang days.
    Do not mock the stupidity of the Argentine or Venezuelan voter; the American voter is not far behind.

    • Ernst Bloefeld

      You are channeling me.

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