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UKIP Shakes Up the UK Establishment

UKIP’s near-upset of Labor is in many ways more telling than its victory in Clacton. But the British elite has a long history of co-opting its malcontents.

Published on: October 10, 2014
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  • Tom

    I have my doubts that Labour will try and attract UKIP-leaning. From what I’ve gleaned from people I know in Britain, the British left is convinced that the UKIP is a less-openly-psycho version of the BNP. The fact that this is untrue is entirely irrelevant to Labourites.

    • Andrew Allison

      The Heywood & Middleton result suggests otherwise. Labour faces two challenges: UKIP and devolution, which would prevent the SNP from voting on purely English issues. If the party expects to remain relevant, it has to attract UKIP-leaning voters.

      • Tom

        One would think so; however, they are the heirs of the people who wrote the longest suicide note in history.

        • Andrew Allison

          Greeks? Romans? [/grin] I agree, of course with your assessment of socialism.

  • Andrew Allison

    The displacement of the (libertarian) Liberal Party by (socialist) Labour in the 1920s was revolutionary, and exposes the shallowness of “[The elite] has historically been very deft and effective at domesticating populist movements that threaten the status quo.” With the Conservative coalition partner (Lib Dems) expected to be crushed in the next election, UKIP could well play a significant role.

  • TheAmishDude

    Given the results of the Scottish referendum, it’d be difficult for them to try to break away now, even if the UK votes to break with the EU.

    The debate and vote were held, on terms very favorable to the Scottish Independence cause and with the charisma deficit to its greatest imaginable advantage. And it lost. Westminster isn’t going to agree to a vote anytime soon.

    The UKIP keeps the idea on the table, they work sever ties between UK and EU one by one until some event motivates people to support the complete removal of UK from EU.

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