Fossil Fuel Fight
Shale Gas Is a Real Coal Killer
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  • Andrew Allison
    • Sibir_RUS

      Coal is highly polluting to the environment.
      Gas is eco-friendly.

      • Andrew Allison

        There’s no dispute that coal is highly polluting. But as the link which I provided shows, it’s going to be burned, it’s just a question of where. As was recently described here, the rumors of fracking’s environmental impact have been greatly exaggerated, and are far, far less than those of burning coal. We do, of course, understand Russia’s concern about alternatives to the over-priced oil and gas exports that are propping up it’s economy [/grin]

        • CaliforniaStark

          Yes, it is interesting how much time and effort Qatar and Russian interests expend on trying to save the United States from fracking. Could it have something to do with both being large natural gas producers? Russia obtains about 56% if its energy from natural gas; its environment must be suffering from extreme harm. Where’s the wind turbines; where’s the solar?

        • Sibir_RUS

          The export of shale gas across the ocean is a myth. You even own problems to deal not able. When cold, prices are rising significantly.
          January 2014
          The cost of gas in new Jersey, where the fuel is supplied, in particular, in new York, grew up to 90 USD per 1 million British thermal units (BTU), while 3 January was about 14 USD per 1 million BTU.
          2 other hubs where the fuel comes to the States from South Carolina to new Jersey, the price jumped up to 95 USD per 1 million BTU.
          So high gas prices did not rise the last ten years.

          • Andrew Allison

            The subject of this post is coal, and of my comment that coal which is being displaced by natural gas in the U.S. is being exported to Europe. That said, the four LNG Export terminals approved as of September 30, and three import terminals that can be repurposed (, suggest that your argument regarding gas exports is wishful thinking.

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