Blue Civil War
Philly School Reformers to Teacher Union: The War Is On
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  • rheddles

    This has been going on all over PA for the last 3 years. Philly is late to the party, probably because their union is even more powerful than those in smaller communities. Reality is a difficult concept for educationists.

  • wigwag

    It;s time for the Philadelphia teachers Union and the Philadelphia school board to wake up and realize that they face a common enemy; the medical cartel which is responsible for driving health care costs through the roof. Instead of fighting each other, they would make much more progress if they worked together to attack that medical cartel.

  • Arch

    The education industry needs to decide whether they exist to benefit students or serve as a welfare agency for otherwise unemployable teachers. The fight is being waged on a broad front ranging from accountability, home schooling, common core, charter schools, lunches children won’t eat to teachers’ benefits. My money is on the children; they are what matters.

    • Kevin

      They decided a long time ago, and it’s not the children.

  • lord acton

    The medical and educational cartels are BOTH doing a great job of impoverishing the whole nation.

  • Kevin

    “Battles over school systems often pit teachers’ unions against the low-income students, a sure-fire quandary for Democrats.”

    Fortunately for them, in this case they will be able to rally together and blame the evil Republicans who run the state gov’t. Philly has a long way further down to go before they will start facing reality and actually working to improve the city.

  • Josephbleau

    I want teaching to be separated from the teachers cartel. Many PhD and Masters folks whom are 65 years old would love to teach in internet or cc. let the lisencure fall!

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