Is Sweden About to Recognize Palestine?
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  • PDX_traveler

    And, I presume you don’t find it to be a tired old line of reasoning for Netanyahu to keep mouthing “…pre-empt the results of future negotiations over a Palestinian state within agreed borders..” while doing all within his power to keep stalling said future negotiations. For all the reasons you had to think up for the Swedes to (hypothetically) take such a step, you couldn’t come up with this as a possible reason for their actions also?

    • qet

      The “Palestinians” (that name really ought to be framed by quotes) have
      had ample opportunities over the past 30+ years for peace and a state
      and their leaders refuse it every time. The leaders–and this was true
      of Arafat and it is true today– would find formal statehood to signal
      the beginning of a probably quite rapid end to their power and
      influence. So the Swedes can posture and vent all they like; it only
      makes them look foolish.

    • Ofer Imanuel

      Check your information. The same deal (most of the west bank, exchange of some areas, demilitarized Palestinian state) was offered to the Palestinians twice by Clinton / Ehud Barak (,, and one by Bush / Olmert
      .Palestinians wouldn’t bite, as it required giving up the Right of Return.

  • Josephbleau

    Why do we know that Jesus was not born in Norway? Because it would have been impossible to find three wise men to come from the east.

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