NYT Wrings Its Hands
GOP Taking Advantage of Events to Make WH Look Incompetent?
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  • Pete

    Barack Hussein Obama main achievement is to make Jimmy Carter look less than totally incompetent. Amazing.

  • Boritz

    “If the White House wants to turn things
    around—and we very much hope that it does—it needs to ask why so many of
    the policy choices it makes yield such disappointing results.”

    It’s not as if they haven’t asked–and answered–the why.  It’s the fault of a variety of other people.

    • Corlyss

      The greatest crime committed by Republicans was being right about Obama. They will be punished for that for decades to come, while the Dims will forever be credited with successfully hoodwinking voters into accepting this ignorant unskilled untested amateur to run the most powerful nation on earth.

  • Corlyss

    Dims have lost control of the narrative, about Obama, about the omnipotence of the state and its limitless ability to deliver material well-being to all at little to no cost to anyone except the undeserving rich and faceless corporations. I wish it meant the end of cheap illusions pedaled by glib Dims and Republicans who offer the public fisc to voters in return for their votes, but I am sure that is unlikely.

  • Suzyqpie

    Pres 0bama went a bridge to far with the roorback that an organization that named itself Islamic State is not Islamic. Even the most ardent 0bama sycophant has to question the wisdom of that Presidential proclamation. Followed up with what appears to be additional roorback, the total fabrication of the new terrorist group, Khorasan Group.

  • rheddles

    He’s still ahead of Buchannan. But he’s got two years left.

    • Maybe so, but Buchannan has the luxury of not being experienced first hand by anyone living today. Obama does not.

  • S.C. Schwarz

    Fortunately the NY Times is only read by people who will always vote democratic anyway.

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