Strange Bedfellows in the Middle East
Israel Looks to Broaden Rapprochement with Arab States
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  • AndrewL

    Perhaps the Arab States and Israel are working together precisely because of our absence? Back when we were heavily involved in the Middle East, the Arab States had their cake and ate it too: they could simultaneously enjoy U.S. protection and bash Israel. Now that we’re reluctant to get involved, the Arab States are panicking and suddenly see Israel in a new light: as a potentially useful ally against Iran and Islamic extremists. Hence, contrary to the recommendation of this article, we should continue to stay out and let regional powers sort out the problems in their own neighborhood.

  • PDX_traveler

    Netanyahu continues to grasp at anything that will help him avoid making the hard choices – a metaphor of our age, perhaps. In the end, as every schoolboy to college student to adult learns, avoiding the hard choices doesn’t mean they go away. The central problem for Israel is securing borders and rationalizing the internal structure of the state. Saudis and Egyptians won’t cut it – Israelis and Palestinians have to figure it out themselves.

    • George Von Herman

      rationalizing the internal structure of the state – what in the world does that mean?

      • PDX_traveler

        preserving israel as a jewish, democratic state – as well as one that doesn’t evolve into a police/security apparatus dominated nation.

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