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Turkish President at UN: Sisi Is a Butcher, Illegitimate
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  • Maynerd

    There is no doubt that Erdogan is politically and financially corrupt as well as an antisemite. But is he using the radical islamists for political gain or is he a true believer?

    Either way, Turkey should be expelled from NATO and their application to the EU placed in the circular file.

    • Corlyss

      I believe their application to EU went into the crapper in 2002 with the NATO action in Afghanistan, and if not then, it surely did with the coalition that invaded Iraq.

    • Pete


  • Attila_the_hun

    Erdogan’s animosity against Sisi is much deeper than his kinship with MB. Even after purging the entire secular army brass. He still paranoid. He fears what happened to Morsi it may happen to him.

    Erdogan’s ultimate dream is no different than ISIS. The differences between the two are simple ISIS has no problem using terror and mass murder to achieve the rule of caliphate.

    The other Erdogan knows establishing a caliphate in the current world is not realistic. Instead he is using religion as a base for EU type regional alliance where Turkey relative
    industrial base and Arab oil money that will be equal force to EU, Russia even The USA.
    This may sound crazy but in Erdogan’s mind is achievable. His zero problem with the neighbors is all about. And Sisi is the one who poured cold water to his plans

    • Pete

      “Instead he is using religion as a base for EU type regional alliance where Turkey’s relativeindustrial base and Arab oil money that will be equal force to EU, Russia even The USA.”

      He’s delusional — mad as a hatter if he thinks that.

      • Attila_the_hun

        He is indeed. Like any other delusional dictator his end will not be pretty

  • Corlyss

    David Goldman, aka Spengler, has an interesting analysis of Ergogan’s economic peccadillos.

  • gabrielsyme

    Erdogan cavalierly aided the various Syrian rebels, particularly the Islamist ones, contributing massively to the slaughter in Syria. If he had closed the border, the rebellion would have burned out in a few months, and hundreds of thousands of lives would have been saved, to say nothing of the ethnic and religious cleansing that has occurred and likely will continue to occur.

  • khutch

    “Right now, that world is roughly divided into three blocs.” And where does Iran fall in this three-bloc schematic? There can be no intelligent discussion of the topic without considering Iran.

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