Tenors & Terrorists
Protesters Decry Staging of Klinghoffer on Met’s Opening Night
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  • Peter

    Shame on the Met for presenting such tripe.

  • Josephbleau

    The Met will rue the day they fell victim to the trope of great bad equals little bad. This is “Springtime for Hitler” without the satire, they really believe that “Springtime for killing innocent Jews” will sell, what foul people.

  • Duperray

    The world seems to be upside down: Socialisms gave birth to communism in 1920’s, which developed itself into a 70 year long tyranny, chasing religions, downgrading morality while infecting rest of the world with propaganda, uncapping local latent conflicts by destabilization, arming local terrorists: Cuba, Central/South Americas, Africa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Timor, Sri Lanka,… During that time western world was trying to resist these attempts.
    Now, New Leftist born in California propagate their add-on morality destruction, religion destruction, education destruction (ex: “gender theory”), detroying youngsters’ dreams and so on.
    Irony is that West after fighting the socialist-Evil is now absorbing a worst brewed socialist-Evil….
    Where is logic? Lessons from History?
    Hitler and Staline would be jubilant

  • lukelea

    Sounds like a ridiculous idea for an Opera in the first place. Why is anyone staging it, let alone the Met? Or is it the artistic equivalent of Nero electing a horse in the Roman Senate?

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