Too Green to be True
China "Bans" Low-Quality Coal
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  • Rick Johnson

    And long may King Coal reign. The cheapest and most reliable source of energy known to humanity and the bedrock of our prosperity since the industrial revolution.

  • SLEcoman

    WRM starts out signalling out high sulfur and high ash coal as particularly damaging, then talks about the benefits of technology, but ignores the pollution control technology that can be applied to coal-fired power plants that can capture 99.8% of the ash and 98% of the sulfur emissions. And no higher ash and sulfur content in the coal do not directly translate into higher emissions as the air pollution control equipment collection of efficiences increase as the ash and sulfur content of the coal increase.

    There very high air pollution control efficiencies are only achievable for power plants and some large industrial power houses, so it is logical to exclude coal-fired power plants from an arbitrary ash and/or sulfur content regulation.

    Regulations restricting ash and/or sulfur content do make sense where coal is used for residential or commercial space heating, where there really isn’t commercially viable pollution control technology available.

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