Putin’s Irredentist Project
Ukraine Is Running Out of Time

Putin’s goal is clear: to dismember Ukraine in whole or in part as a means of restoring Russia to great power status. The West has few opportunities left to prevent Moscow from achieving its end game.

Published on: September 12, 2014
Andrew A. Michta is the M. W. Buckman Professor of International Studies at Rhodes College and an adjunct fellow at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS).
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  • Pete

    ” …. and the West simply lacked the interest, understanding, or commitment to block Putin’s irredentist project.”

    No, Michta, it is the lack of American national interest why the U.S. doesn’t go eyeball to eyeball with Putin over the Ukraine.

  • Duperray

    What an imagination ! The author should produce scenarii for Hollywood. Putin does not have one tenth of military power necessary to absorb and then defend this large country just at Europe’ front door. He just need a non-NATO state at his border; no interest for him to absorb the wasps’ nest that western Ukraine is.

  • The parallels with 1938 are really scary for me. Putin says he has the duty to defend Russian speakers everywhere. He seizes a piece of a neighboring country with a large number of Russian speakers. Barry the Magnificent does his best impression of Neville Chamberlain and secures “Peace in Our Time” by giving away huge chunks of the Ukraine even though the US agreed to guarantee its territorial integrity in exchange for the Soviet Era nuclear weapons Ukraine gave up. The big problem is that this time the aggressor has a lot of nukes that were not a factor in 1938. When Putin rolls over the border into the Baltic countries, things are going to get very risky. Either NATO will prove a sham, or the US and Russia will be at war. Either alternative is equally unstable and disastrous. Conservative Ruckus Hotspot

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