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Voters Swing to Republicans on Immigration
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  • Kevin

    Polling about preferred policy to help choose a policy is foolish. Rather politicians should poll (or gather other data) about what results voters want to see and then derive a policy which will deliver the most desired result.

    When I take my car in I don’t tell the mechanic I want a new fuel injector, rather I tell him I want the engine running well and I want a low cost to achieve this. If the mechanic achieves this I am happy with him regardless of whether he replaced the fuel injector or the thingamambob.

    If politicians deliver results voters want (and communicate this achievement effectively) then voters will be pleased. This endless dithering about what policy to choose is really a sign of incompetence on the part of politicians – they have no idea what to do and are engaged in a pointless debate about policy to cover up that they have no idea about how to deliver results (or to cover up that they have no intention of delivering them).

  • Corlyss

    Dims! You gotta love ’em! They can ALWAYS be counted on to overreach. The country has to go thru h*el*l to get them out of office, but eventually their fig leaves flutter to the ground.

  • lukelea

    The majority have long opposed mass immigration. They never voted for it. And they would like to see it stopped if given a choice.

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