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Pierre Omidyar, Glenn Greenwald, and Their War on Israel

When it comes to Israel, The Intercept’s coverage crosses the line from opinion journalism to a crude and vile form of propaganda.

Published on: September 9, 2014
Gabriel Schoenfeld is senior fellow at the Hudson Institute and author of, among other books, The Return of Anti-Semitism (2004).
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  • Arakiba

    Yeah, because calling out an illegal occupation and illegal settlement-building and the mass murder of children is a “war”.

    • Monkish

      1. Al Jazeera’s break down of “civilian” casaulties in Gaza shows that young adult men, a small demographic in Gaza and the main recruitment pool for Hamas, are disproportianately represented among the victims.

      2. We know that for your ilk, a child is only “murdered” in a war if the perpetrator was Jewish. The Libyan, Iraqi, Lebanese and Syrian children who are currently being butchered by Saudi and Qatar-funded Islamists in far greater numbers aren’t worthy of a mention.

      Now scurry back into the dark little hole of ignorance and prejudice you came from.

      • Snowblinded

        “2,131 Palestinians killed, including 1,473 civilians, of whom 501 are children and 257 are women” per the UN OCHA. I’m not sure what “disproportionately represented” means in your case.

        • Loader2000

          First of all, why in the world would you believe casualty reports from Hamas when it been proven they lied about them in the last war. Secondly, what can you expect when you deliberately use women and children as human shields. It is as if Hamas hopes their children our killed in order to give bad PR to Israel. There is no other reason to put a rocket launcher in a school parking lot. This is a monstrous strategy and and makes me question if such a civilization (that is willing to sacrifice their children in such a way) could ever create a government and society that wasn’t based on violence, even if they did win. Hamas’ treatment of Fatah dissidents leads me to believe that the answer is, unfortunately, no.

          • Andrew Allison

            Or a report from a UN agency which identifies Gaza as “Occupied Palestinian Territory” The UN agencies have been disgracefully partisan in this matter.

          • Snowblinded

            Today I learned that the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs is Hamas. Okay.

          • Loader2000

            Its not Hamas, but it relies on Hamas to get it death figures. Those workers don’t go out and count every individual body where they died. The only effective weapon Hamas has in its arsenal is propaganda (making Israel look bad) and they know it. With that in mind, I would be a whole lot more cynical in dealing with either party in this conflict. The problem is that a lot of people root for Hamas simply because they are underdogs. It’s an American tendency. However, just because your an underdog doesn’t always mean you deserve more sympathy. I’ve extensively read the Jewish/Palestinian history (from 1870 onwards) and the conclusion I’ve come to is that both sides have legitimate complaints and fault. However, the Israeli side is a functioning democracy isn’t affords its arab minority full citizenship, while Hamas has embraced a culture of death and pride, started deliberately targeting civilians with Rockets as soon as they were formed, and, according to its own constitution, will never accept a 2 state solution. That leads to me reluctantly side with the Israelis when push comes to shove.

          • Drawler

            You’re conflating support for Palestinians plight with support for Hamas. You’re also embracing an old western trope of support for the civilized colonialist powers over the savage barbarians. This is problematic, because the so called civilized societies often engage in murderous, brutal behavior in pursuit of their narrow self-interest. The recent Israeli slaying of thousands of Palestinians, including hundreds of children, and wanton destruction of bombardment of civilian areas is a good example of the fundamental hypocrisy underlying Israel’s claims of moral superiority.

            It also ignores Israel’s complicity in the the undermining of Palestinian society. Yea, it turns out its difficult to have a well-functioning, democratic society when you live under military and economic siege that denies you the basic rights and resources needed for a prosperous society.

          • Jonathan

            Where is the democratic, well-functioning society in other Arab countries?

            What is the situation in Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan, which has a majority Palestinian population?

            None of those countries are democratic. This is the Arabs fault, not Israel’s.

          • Loader2000

            The Jews didn’t come into some newly discovered land with boom-boom sticks and subdue the primitive native population. They immigrated, mostly legally, to a province of the Turkish empire (which Turkish Empire was more or less okay with them being there) and bought land from the Turkish government AND from Rich Arab land owners who were more than willing to sell it to them, at least until about 1919 when Palestinian nationalism (an ethnicity that had not existed before that time) started to flare up. If you fundamentally reject the right of Jews to be in Palestine, it is going to be hard to have any sympathy toward Israel no matter how much they try to avoid civilian deaths (against an opponent that is enthusiastically using their own children as human shields). If you believe the current Jewish generation has a right to be there (or at least as much right as the Arabs), then they are absolutely justified in what they are doing and how they are doing it.
            (Do you really think that if Mexico was launching hundreds of rockets into the suburbs of Phoenix Arizona, we wouldn’t justifiably do the exact same thing? Would we even give apartments in Mexico that were hosting Rocket batteries 30 minutes notice before bombing them like Israel is doing?)

          • Eliyahu100

            The Arabs/Muslims conquered the Land of Israel in the 7th century and subjected the Jews and other non-Muslims to all sorts of oppression and humiliation. The Arabs are the colonialists.

          • Fred

            I wouldn’t call Hamas or Gaza a “civilization.” Benighted savages is more accurate.

          • Eliyahu100

            We need to add to Loader’s points that Hamas did not build bomb shelters for its population but only tunnels for attacking in Israeli territory from underground and for storing rockets, as well as bunkers for protecting its leadership. The civilian population of Gaza was meant to serve as cannon fodder.

      • poyani

        Is that the metric for deciding if someone is targeting civilians? How many “young adult men” they killed?

        If so, then what is the percentage of Hamas’ victims who are “young adult men”? Isn’t that number close to 100%?

        • Jonathan

          It means that Israel did not fire indiscriminately in Gaza. It targeted Hamas fighters, which is why they are the ones who died in higher numbers than their share of the population.

      • One important difference, Monkish, is that America is not backing Islamist child-killing groups, only Israeli child-killing groups.

        • Fred

          No, America is supporting Israeli “groups” that are defending themselves against a foe so barbaric he doesn’t even care about the lives of his own children, hence using “civilians” (actually all the Palestinian deaths have been civilian since Hamas isn’t an army; it’s a gang of terrorist thugs) as human shields and launching rockets from schools and mosques. Remember, those savages elected Hamas. They knew, or damned well should have known that a vote for Hamas was a vote for war with Israel and that a war with Israel would result in many Palestinian deaths, including their own children. Put the blame for those kid’s death where it belongs, square on the shoulders of the rabid Palestinians and the even more rabid Hamas.

          • Drawler

            Racist dehumanizing garbage. Palestinians care about their children just as much as any group of people. Don’t project your indifference towards dead Palestienan children onto others.

          • Eliyahu100

            Drawler, did you ever see the films and pix of Arab parents with babies dressed up as suicide bombers wearing bomb vests? Do you know the kind of hatred taught in Hamas run schools in Gaza and broadcast on Hamas TV, radio, etc. Do you know of the bigotry in the preaching of the imams in mosques in Gaza and in many other Muslim locales?
            Some of these Arabs are very proud when their sons or even daughters blow themselves up just so that can kill some Jews or other infidels, called kufar.

          • Fred

            Racist my @$$. If you took someone from that culture young enough and raised him or her in a civilized culture, you’d get a civilized person. It’s nothing to do with racism (the left’s all-purpose boogeyman and equivalent of “Shut up,” he explained). So the Palestinians care about their children, and yet they continue to support a group of vicious thugs that use those children as human shields, use international aid to build tunnels to kill innocents rather than build schools, homes, and infrastructure that would benefit those children, and deliberately provoke violence they know will kill those children so they can use those deaths as propaganda. And Eliyhu 100 beat me to the punch on the rest of what I was going to say about the Palestinians and their children. Yeah, tell me again how much they care about their children. And as for dehumanizing them, I don’t have to; their own behavior does that more effectively than I ever could.

        • Monkish

          The US is selling billions of dollars or arms to Qatar and Saudi, two states with track records of sponsoring terrorism in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Thailand, the Phillipines, Af/Pak and Egypt and major exporters of jihadist and jihadi propaganda. The US continues to assist the Taliban and Al-Qaida loving Pakistani military establishment to the tune of billions in aid. The US turns a blind eye to its NATO ally Turkey’s rhetorical evasions over ISIS and its porous border policy. So when ISIS decapitates a Shiite civilian, or rapes a Yazidi child, you have your president’s indulgent attitude to Erdogan to thank. And when the Qatar-funded Islamists in Libya and the Saudi-funded Jabhat Al-Nusra murder innocents, your government shares much of the blame.

          • I would prefer if you had said Salafist propaganda, instead of Jihadi. It’s like accusing Geneva of exporting anti-Mass propaganda, instead of saying Protestant, or even Reformist.

            In this particular war, we only backed one side. Clearly the close American relationship the KSA is a problem, too. It’s not what is going on in Israel, though. Most all that other stuff is part of the Sunni-Shia split, a division where America has mostly stayed on one side for many decades.

          • Monkish

            That would be inaccurate as Salafism comes in all shapes and sizes. There are jihadi Salafists and quietist Salafists who do not condone violence and eschew politics. Jihadism, however, is a complex set of beliefs and justifications, rooted in classical Islamic jurisprudence, which advocate the use of aggressive force either to “defend” the Ummah or to expand Islam’s earthly dominion. You can be a jihadist and a Sunni, a jihadist and Shiite. There are members of the Muslim Brotherhood who advocate jihad just as there are Salafis who advocate jihad. In fact, jihad as warefare against the miscreant is a constant in all Islamic currents and could well be said to constitute the “6th pillar” of the faith. The only thing that matters for the purposes of geopolitical analysis is how important jihad is to a group’s religious self-definition. In countries like Saudi, Pakistan and Qatar, jihad has become a critical notion and a litmus test for how “Muslim” one is.

            Anyway, the point of my post was that the US is empowering the centres of the most bigoted, pro-violence forms of Sunni Islam. In so far as US allies Qatar, KSA and Pakistan (and not, regretfully, Turkey) are working together to propagate it, the US can be said to have taken sides in Islam’s internal religious wars. Kerry’s reliance upon MB supporters Turkey and Qatar, and threats toward Egypt show a clear preference for Sunni Islamism. You’ve provided no evidence to contradicts this argument.

    • charliecrown

      Yeah, none of that is happening, especially “the mass murder of children”, but you know that already or should. You’re a bigot of the most stereotypical kind. A classic ignoramus, trying to cloth his base hatred in the sophistication of “progresivism” or “human rights” while actively undermining both.

      Needless to say it’s Orwellian nonsense, the complete opposite of the truth.

      • You better fight hard, charliecrown, as for all practical purposes the entire rest of the world sides with Palestine in the United Nations General Assembly, which means that Hamas propaganda has successfully been deployed against Hindu India, Atheist China, Buddhist Mongolia, Animist African countries, and Europe, America is the last place left on Earth where people like you, who know the truth that Israel is not illegally occupying anything, or setting anything, are in the majority,

        • charliecrown

          I am fighting hard (and smart), and to be honest I’m optimistic. The bigots with their craziness always sew the seeds of their own destruction.It just takes a committed few with balls/guts to shed light on them.

          • charliecrown vs the world.

            No offense, but perhaps you should ask yourself _why_ the rest of the entire world is on the other side of this issue. I mean, do you think it is a coincidence?

          • Jonathan

            Why was the rest of the world against the Jews throughout history? Why is it that muslims can kill other muslims without a peep from any of the Left, but when a Jew defends itself there’s an uproar?

          • You are conflating two things.

            Israel does badly in UNGA votes. Most people don’t have a problem with Jews.

            As for Muslims killing Muslims without a peep from the left, I wonder what you think of Ronald Reagan arming both side of the Iran-Iraq War, simultaneously, surely one of the more amoral acts in US Presidential history.

            Israel is not “defending” itself in a way that seems fair or proportional. One person dies in Israel, so they kill 1000 Palestinians? Far more IDF soldiers have died doing this than have ever been killed by Hamas rockets. In other words, they could have saved lives by not doing it.

            Israel has a tough row to hoe, and I feel they do it abominably.

          • charliecrown

            Don’t flatter yourself homie. “The rest of the world” is not on your side.Perhaps a majority, but hardly a consensus.

            In recent years the Governments of the Australia and India and Canada have elected very pro Israel Governments.Israel has also improved relations dramatically with S Korea, Japan, China and Russia (who for the first time said almost nothing during “Protective Edge”)

            How about Egypt, Saudi, UAE etc. They’re hardly pro zionist, but they hate the Jihadis of the Sunni and Shiite variety more.

            Besides, most good ideas have to battle against the ignorant and fashionable majority.

      • Drawler

        What’s a more accurate term then for slaying of several hundred Palestinian children by the IDF ?

        • Tom

          Collateral damage due to Hamas’ methods of protecting their commanders. If Israel intended to commit mass murder, there would be no Gaza.

          • Drawler

            Lets grant for the sake of discussion that Hamas was using the civilian population in as widespread and cartoonishly villainous manner as you are asserting.

            That still does not absolve Israeli military/government of the slaying of those hundreds of civilians, the crippling and maiming of hundreds more, and the utter ruination of huge swathes of civilian neighborhoods and infrastructure.

          • Jonathan

            Yes, it does. It also does it under international law of warfare, which does not state that it’s illegal to harm civilians, only that you do so in a proportional manner, which means that you use the right amount of force to achieve your military goals.

        • charliecrown

          I call it war.Bear in mind some of the “children” killed were fighters (15 yr old and above tend to fight there) and some were likely killed by misfired rockets of the terror groups (hundreds fell short in Gaza)

          Civilian casualties, always and I mean always happen in war without exception,particularly in urban fighting (that’s why those groups do it in the 1st place).

          If you research the the subject, the combatant/civilian ration the IDF attains historically (we’ll know the real results of 2014 in few months) is literally the best in history,contrary to what activists spew, Better than America, the UK, in Afghanistan/Pakistan or Iraq. and obviously better than dictatorships and terrorist groups.

          • Drawler

            Yea, it was a war that Israel initiated. Meaning they bear responsibility for the bloodshed that follows, as in addition to their conduct during the war. Also the label war does not magically absolve people or organizations of responsibility for their actions.

            If you research the the subject, the combatant/civilian ration the IDF
            attains historically (we’ll know the real results of 2014 in few months)
            is literally the best in history

            This doesn’t pass the smell test. That’s such a ridiculously grandiose claim (really, the best in the history of human civilization ?) that it can’t be taken seriously. It sounds like state propaganda.

          • charliecrown

            Unlike many, I’ve followed this subject most of my life and have lived in the region for years, know what I’m talking about.

            Yes, the best in history of the world.Modern warfare is safer than warfare has ever been for civilians (Not safer, just safer) and Israel is the best of using modern weapons and precautions (beyond legal necessity may I add) to be the best of the modern nations at reducing civilian casualties ergo best in human history (literally)

            As for saying “it was a war Israel initiated”? Are you shitting me? The internationally recognized and banned terror groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad would like to thank you for your “service”

            Everything they are and do is a war crime and/or crime against humanity, literally starting from their very existence and charter (which are EXPLICITLY GENOCIDAL). They started the war by kidnapping and murdering 3 teens (Acknowledged by their leader in Turkey and over all leader Mashal) and then responding to arrests in the WB by an escalating rocket war with the goal of removing their isolation and helping themselves financially.

            They failed, needless to say

          • You say you know what’s going on, and you say Hamas and Islamic Jihad started the recent war? You are a laugh riot.

          • Jonathan

            He is absolutely right. They started it with the kidnapping of the three teenagers and their launching of missiles. Israel accepted a series of cease-fires, all of which were broken by Hamas. Facts are not on your side.

          • charliecrown

            I suppose it’s subjective to some extent, depending on what you consider the start, but yes to me, and most other observers (outside the Palestinian territories) they started it.Why would you find it laughable that Jihadi groups would…uhm engage in Jihad against the hated “Zionist entity”

            What do you think happened? Be specific.

          • Three teens were kidnapped and killed, the blame was first given to Hamas. This turned out later not to be the case. Although one member of Hamas was involved, it was not ordered by Hamas leadership.

            As a response, Israel started Operation Protective Edge, which killed (looking this up…) about 2000 Palestinians, after having arrested 350 Palestinians, including everyone in Hamas leadership in the West Bank.

            Hamas has a Covenant, not a charter, drafted when it was brand new. It’s dated, and has no legal standing, but any time anyone wants to hate Hamas, they simply point to the Covenant. Why wouldn’t they fight the IDF to eject Israelis from Israel? Because they aren’t stupid, and know they would be crushed if they tried.

          • charliecrown

            Check out analysis by Col Richard Kemp who was commander of British forces in Afghanistan and also served in Iraq.


            or video (short) of him here.

            That’s the truth. I hope you can accept it (after reviewing all the evidence) rather than accepting 1 sided hate from activists on the other side.

          • Hey, Drawler, you are right, it does not pass the smell test.

            For an unrelated reason, I was recently re-reading about the Falklands War, which involved the UK (which poor sap charliecrown included in his “better than anyone” claim).

            Out of a total of nearly 1000 killed, only 19 civilians were killed and 3 of those by friendly fire.

            It’s like charliecrown doesn’t know anything about anything, and that gives him this license to spew endlessly about everything.

          • Jonathan

            Because they were fighting in an underpopulated territory, one which included their OWN population.

            See what the results were in Iraq and Afghanistan and get back to me.

  • Pete

    The best defense of these bigots is to expose them like you’re doing here.

    • Corlyss

      Regrettably, that’s not enough. They must be confronted at every turn by opponents as principled and stubborn as he thinks he is. Folks who expose usually are satisfied with showing how the target is wrong, or hypocritical, and leave it to the reader to draw his own conclusions in the expectation that the audience will disappear. Unfortunately, this man and his ilk have drooling media collaborators and abettors who keep their lies in front of the public. Where is the opposition? Not the skeptical spectators, but the blood and thunder opponents?

  • Luis Miranda

    Dear Mr. Schoenflied: There is no proof Hamas kidnapped the Jewish kids. That is a blatant lie.

    With government intelligence agencies infiltrating every kind of news media, there is no room for passive journalism. That type of journalism is dead.

    All lives are worth the same, and any attempt to murder innocent people is disgusting. So let me ask you Mr. Schoenfield, how many Palestinians did Israeli rockets killed during Protective Edge? And how many during Cast Lead? How many Israelis have Hamas rockets killed?

    The conflict in Palestine is not a war, it is genocide. Israel is occupying land that belongs to Palestinians and is enforcing such occupation with heavy weaponry provided by the United States. That is a fact.

    By the way, may I move into your house and kick you out in the process? Could I bring an AR-15, just in case you get all wild and try to reclaim your home?

  • Pete Rossetti

    Mr Schoenfeld – get this straight – anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism are not the same thing.
    Zionism is a nationalistic movement that has nothing to do with the Jewish faith, and like many nationalistic movements (not all) justifies its existence at the expense of a people it views a lesser species.
    Thus this justifies any amount of horrors it care to perpetrate on its victims.

    • charliecrown

      Mr Rosetti, get this straight, while in theory Antisemitism and Anti Zionism are not the same thing, is practice they usually are.Unless you have a theological objection to a Jewish state being around till the Messiah arrives (as a TINY % of Ultra Orthodox Jews do, to their Orthodox counterparts consternation).

      There are different forms of Zionism, but it’s broadest definition is agreed on by 90% or more of Jewish people.That definition is simply the belief in Jewish self determination and statehood somewhere within “”Zion” aka “The Holy Land” “The land of Israel” and Jerusalem.

      That’s it. Nothing against others, no murderous intentions. The Jews want to have a state right where it is, along with (not replacing) the 22 Arab states that have Islam as an official religion already do.They’re even willing to have a 23rd created (“Palestine”) so long as it doesn’t threaten theirs.

      So yes Anti Zionism is in effect antisemitism.Sorry.

      • Drawler

        You argue that anti-Zionism is in practice the same as antisemitism (a loathsome demagogic lie) but seem to be blind to the realization that your line of logic could easily and convincingly be extended to define pro-Zionist, in the modern context, as support for colonization of the Palestinian territories, the removal of Palestinians from their homes, and for the system of apartheid that Israel has been operating for decades.

        • charliecrown

          “A loathsome lie” no, An inconvenient (and painful) truth yes

          Your using words/terms that don’t apply and that you don’t understand
          “Colonization” in history implies going away from ones home by choice to settle another territory and exploit the resources.That applies to the Uk,France, Turkey (With Cyprus, and b4 when they were Ottomans) Belgium,Spain etc.

          Whether you like it or not the Jews are an indigenous people of that region, the oldest surviving indigenous people.Palestinians were only “removed from their homes” in the context of aggression and warfare either they launched pre 48 or in 48 with their Arab “brothers”. That’s just true. (Do you know who Sheikh Husseini is? Google him).

          “Apartheid” applies to all the nations surrounding Israel and the PA and Hamas run Gaza (Gender and religious, not to mention sexual orientation apartheid), much more than it does to Israel.I’m sure you’re outraged at them.

          • Pete Rossetti

            Words fail me – I can only assume you are ill.

            Send me your address I will send the men in white coats around to help you.
            Hope you get better soon.

          • Jonathan

            I’m sure you see them every day when they deliver the little blue pills, so you would have no problem getting in touch with them.

            You see, it’s quite easy to get to your low level of argument.

          • Pete Rossetti

            Try the red pills they let you see things as they are – (sic Matrix)
            But be warned there is no going back

          • gitarfan

            What, as soon as they leave your house?

          • charliecrown

            Lol thanks for the concern, I’m good Pete.Why don’t you be specific though rather than hurl insults.

            What part of what I wrote do you think is so crazy? Be specific. Maybe one of us can learn something.

          • Pete Rossetti

            Try reading this
            These people are more qualified and more articulate than me when it comes to explaining the inaccurate and dangerous assertion that antisemitism and anti-Zionism are the same thing. When clearly they are not the same thing.

        • Jonathan

          No, not really. You employ faulty logic. As Charlie had said, Zionism is a belief in Jewish self-determination in a part of the ancient Land of Israel. It has nothing to do with colonizing anyone.

          In fact, the Palestinians were offered their own state several times. They refused repeatedly. Time for them to take responsibility. If they can live in peace, Israel will defend itself.

  • Marian Berryman

    You denounce ‘Propaganda’? That is just too funny…

  • ljgude

    Oy Vey..such indignation from the descendants of the people who have persecuted the Jews in Europe for 1000 years. If the Jews moved to Antarctica you would all be claiming they were illegally displacing penguins. And no I am not Jewish, just an American of German and Irish descent.

    • I understand that the single best way to solve the problem of Israel and Palestine is to go back in time, to 1945, and turn Bavaria into the Jewish National Homeland.

      • George Von Herman

        lets go back in time and return arab marauders to arabia

  • poyani

    The American Interest should take Schoenfeld’s advice and “sever (its) connection to those who practice the vicious demonization of Jews”. Given that Glenn Greenwald is Jewish, the American Interest should begin by severing ties with Schoenfeld, the author of this grossly libelous piece.

    • Jonathan

      Self-hating Jews are an exception.

  • Nuritg

    With such misguided “reporting” no wonder people sleep walk on the truth. What these clowns – Jeremy Scahill, Laura Poitras, and Glenn Greenwald – do it irresponsible and borders bias anti-Israel propaganda and the world must know it is being cheated of the truth!

  • Werner Cohn

    right on, Gabe.

  • Nuritg

    I have a question to these clowns wearing reporters’ guise: what is in your genes that makes you anti-Semites and haters of Israel? What happened at birth? Did Hitler stood at your moms’ bedside and injected them with his anti-Semitic venom? Did some ISISnik, Hamasnik or the like mad-dog Moslem stood by your moms’ beside and injected them with their anti-Izraeeliez-anti-Izrael hate and wish for her destruction venom? WHAT? How come you have gone so wrong. One thing for sure you are all moral idiots!

    • While that is a brilliant argument, utilizing both inductive and deductive reasoning, I think it will be safe to say that every journalist on the face of the planet is going to ignore you, since you sound like a blithering idiot.

  • wigwag

    Greenwald and crew are perfectly emblematic of the contemporary left in the United States and Europe. Leftist elites are full of hate; the hate Zionism (hating the national aspirations of the Jewish people is the same as hating Jews), they hate the society that nurtured them and ultimately they hate the liberal values they pretend to support. Leftist hate mongering is the perfect partner for the contemporary Islamic world which is full of intolerance, bigotry, violence and indifference to decency.

    Glenn Greenwald and Hamas; perfect together.

    • Duperray

      Right, “left” hate everything which is not 100% equal to them. This tyranny started to corrupt Communism doctrine by 1920’s, then Europe in the 1950’s and now America itself, for less time. It is a “modern intellectual AIDS” disease which destroys every contaminated society by negating convictions, faith, its will to progress and fight against enemy, promoting its lowest animalistic instincts.

  • Nuritg

    Gabriel Schoenfeld, thank you for brining this to light. Bless you!

  • Corlyss

    IMO Greenwald is one of the most pernicious, evil, self-absorbed man who is not a practicing tyrant.

    • charliecrown

      I’ll give him one thing (and it’s no small thing). As much as I strongly (to put it extremely mildly) disagree with his opinions about Israel, Greenwald has one thing so many on the left (and some on the right) don’t. Intellectual consistency/integrity.

      When he hates something, he’ll usually rip those who violate his beliefs whether they are lefties or righties (for example Obama and drone strikes,rights of leakers/whistle blowers etc)

      That doesn’t change the fact he’s an ahole when it comes to Israel though

      • Corlyss

        “Greenwald has one thing so many on the left (and some on the right) don’t. Intellectual consistency/integrity.”
        Well, yours is a nuanced position. Personally, I don’t find anything respectable about consistency in the service of evil. It’s a trait possessed by the most brutal of tyrants. One might deploy Emerson’s quip about consistency being the hobgoblin of small minds.

        • charliecrown

          Touche Corlyss. I find some of his positions laudable in regards to over surveillance on Americans and some other constitutional issues.

          I mean consistent in the sense that if you think pervasive surveillance (or abortion or wtvr) is wrong you should openly criticize anyone who goes against you. He generally does.

          As to his foreign policy beliefs, I totally agree, they’re amoral and contemptible.He’s a left leaning Ron Paul. His moral equivalence between absolute scum like Jihadists and Western nations is perverse and 180% wrong. He seems to have utter contempt for anything that he should have SOME loyalty to (his country, and his former people of birth, Jews)

  • Anthony
    • Nuritg

      The fact that you call me “blithering idiot” makes you one as well. Welcome to the blithering idiot. club!

      • Anthony

        Are you replying to the correct person (I’ve haven’t written to you and I don’t misname)?

  • Hard Little Machine

    When Greenwald was at Salon, he would typically wade into the comments section of his own column to browbeat and scream at anyone with a different PoV than his. In one famous one about something about Israel he stated that one of the ‘great regrets of (my) life’ was that he’s not old enough to have been able to march with or at least help the Nazis successfully march through Skokie Il, in that famous court case in the 1970’s (Skokie was at that time the town with the largest number of Holocaust survivors in the country).

    Moreover we can’t forget that when he was still a practicing lawyer he worked to sue the state of Illinois to force them to grant Matt Hale a Law License. The state denied Mr Hale entry to the Bar based on his violent neo Nazi antisemitic hate speech. Mr Greenwald won his case and Hale went on to murder the family of Jewish Federal Judge “Because they were Jews”.

    Greenwald does not actually claim he’s leftwing or a liberal or progressive. He claims to be some kind of vaguely right wing libertarian anarchist. More or less in the mold of Lyndon Larouche. Which makes sense since very early on in his ‘journalism’ career he worked for and with Pat Buchanan.

  • B.J.D

    Being the creepy self obsessed narcissist that he is, you should be prepared for Greenwald’s tantrum in response to this.

  • B.J.D

    And before we forget, Laura Poitras had advanced knowledge of an ambush on members of the Oregon National Guard in Baghdad but chose to film it with the insurgents rather than inform the coalition forces she was in near daily contact with.

  • menloman

    If Israel is the best expression of American values, is it wrong to note that the country was founded by terrorists and racial separists?

    • Tom

      Like lots of other countries?

      • menloman

        I may be missing your point. Care to expand on it?

  • menloman

    To those who believe Israel is above criticism read what Einstein had to say.

  • melk2

    For a gay man to be bending over backwards to make excuses for Hamas and the like is…………an unfortunate choice of metaphor. But it’s Greenwald. Who cares?

  • Beatrix17

    Hitler, an Austrian, thought Germany was dying because of the Depression and the reparations Germans were forced to pay forWW1. Believing in ancient religious malarkey, he gave the burnt offerings of the Jews to appease the gods.

    The left is dying. They keep reliving their last accomplishment, the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and in Hitlerian fashion, are sacrificing the Jews of Israel to keep alive the myth of Palestinians equaling black
    Americans fighting for civil rights.

    The Middle East is dying. They have one major product, oil, and even now have large swathes of land with inadequate resources to care for the existing population. Again, they’re trying to appease the gods by
    sacrificing the Jews. The Muslim religion is supposed to be peaceful. It’s current interpreters are not.

  • menloman

    Strange that a publication called The American Interest would be most interested in Israel.

  • menloman

    It is worthwhile to consider whether the reaction to the ineffective Hamas rockets were reversed and Israelis were being killed in their homes by Hamas bombs dropped by Hamas aircraft, would Jewish opinion simply follow the current circumstance Palestinians are in. In otherwords, Jews are merely claiming the same victimhood regardless of the action. Deaths are the issue, not fear.

  • Sorry, lots of people doubt the word of Arouri already, and nothing has emerged to remove that doubt. Mashel is also an expat, who just might want to seem relevant.

    And, let’s pretend that everyone in Hamas in the area is wrong, and these expats are right… what is the correct response to a kidnapping? Killing 2000 people, mostly non-combatants (even the IDF says it was over 55% civilians).

    I’m more inclined to believe the locals.

    • charliecrown

      WTF are you talking about?. Khalid Mashaal is THE most powerful leader of Hamas, anywhere.

      Saleh al Arouri is a CO-FOUNDER of the Al Qassam brigades (the “military wing” of Hamas”) Nobody denies that either(Not from Hamas anyway).

      Please don’t write things that are the equivalent of “fresh snow is dark. lol If that is isn’t proof, the concept of proof is meaningless.

      I haven’t even mentioned Israel has arrested the leader of the Hebron cell(Uncle of 1 of the actual murderers), and another person who admitted to it all.

      C’mon dude, embrace the truth,don’t be a hack for a Jihadi group. It’s kind of degrading.

      • On Mashal’s role in Hamas, my apologies. I read tons of stuff on this, but his name does not come up, probably mostly because he is not on the scene, but that does not forgive me.

        Founders of groups don’t mean much, so, I’m OK there.

        On a day to day basis, Mashal runs Gaza, and attacks, from Qatar? I don’t think that’s the way things really work, doubly so since Israel was regularly shutting down electronic communication networks.

        Who was really behind the kidnappings? Well, according to a confession, elicited via torture of the IDF:

        > On 5 August, Israel said that it had arrested Hussam Qawasmeh on 11 July, who is suspected of having organized the killing of the three teenagers. According to court documents, Qawasmeh stated that Hamas members in Gaza financed the recruitment and arming of the killers. Hussam Qawasmeh’s lawyers stated that he confessed under “heavy torture” from Israeli security services, Shin Bet. Qawasmeh lawyer stated “What he said during interrogation was that he was responsible for ordering the kidnapping,” and that “The orders came from him personally.”

        So, your claims it was really Hamas seem sort of hollow. You are going to bat for Mashal by calling him the most honest person in the room, right?

        Anyway, and, in any event, a war that kills 1000s is not the appropriate response.

        • charliecrown

          Thank you for acknowledging your mistake (seriously). That takes some honesty.I would say that an admission by the leader of Hamas and one of their senior members counts as pretty good proof (In addition to the arrest of a Hamas member who is uncle of the suspected shooters)

          In law they call it “An admission against interest” Meshal has no reason to admit to it, if it isn’t true. He is the man who wears the fancy suits and lives in the hotels in Qatar trying to make Hamas out to be a noble “resistance organization”. He was forced into the admission when video of Saleh Al Arouri was secretly recorded and leaked (Mitt Romney 47% stle) of him bragging to a bunch Sheiks in Turkey.

          As for the war itself, Netanyahu didn’t want it,he’s a right winger but by nature a VERY cautious guy.He’s stubborn but not reckless.Hamas wanted the war to try an alleviate their financial and political isolation (with Sis being in Egypt among other things). The moment the rockets stopped firing,so did the IDF (much to the consternation of the public, who wanted Bibi to throw them out power)

    • charliecrown

      The IDF thinks it was about 50-55% combatants (Which is EXTREMELY IMPRESSIVE in urban combat against against an enemy that follows no rules of war at all)

      It hasn’t finalized the numbers because unlike the B.S that comes from Hamas Ministry of Health, they actually investigate every single death, and admit how many died of Israel’s side. Hamas does neither.

      • I cited the IDF, not the “Hamas Ministry of Health” (did you mean the Gaza Health Ministry? the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights? UN OCHA? the Meir Amit? All their estimates are very similar).

        And as far as “impressive” goes, lots of wars have done better. The Falklands, for example.

        • charliecrown

          MEIR AMIT numbers are credible, the rest aren’t based on experience with the previous conflicts.They are extremely careful and research every name up till now they’ve examined about 660 names is ration 46/54. You have to understand Hamas and the other groups have a policy of not releasing the number of their dead fighters and concealing those who come in, so any numbers coming from the Gaza official sources (in terms of ratios) are meaningless.

          Lol you and your Falklands example.The Falklands was not an urban war against a group that hides among(and below and behind) a friendly population to purposely increase the civilian casualty rates.

          The Falklands was a war between 2 conventional armies in the open or on water, taking place on a largely uninhabited Island with a Pro British population.

          Not exactly similar circumstances.Try Fallujah (or other urban areas in Iraq) or Afghanistan for closer comparisons.The U.S and UK had worse ratio’s than the Israeli’s.

          • According to wikipedia, Meir Amit says it is about 2000 dead, 600 of which they have named and that, so far, it’s over 50% civilians.


            I would not mention Fallujah, because Casey was a fucking idiot who does not know how to run a war, not to mention a difficult part of the war.

            I mean, what did Casey personally call the 2nd invasion of Fallujah, which was clearly a war crime, “Fish in a Barrel?” First they let the women and children, only, go. They had said that if the perps were handed over, the fighting would stop (as if most of the people in Fallujah were personally hiding the guys). Then they enacted collective punishment, including threatening to kill anyone who went outside their house, destroying electricity and hospitals. And, finally, when America didn’t capture the people responsible for the deaths of the contractors, the General in charge of the operation, Natonski, said “We never expected them to be there. We’re not after Zarqawi. We’re after insurgents in general.”

            Casey is an idiot. Thankfully we finally switched to Petraeus, and it didn’t hurt that we started giving salaries to all the guys who were planting the IEDs in the “sunni awakening” movement, or whatever it was called.

            Try WWII if you want a war run by some competent people, and it certainly included urban warfare.

            Or, and I don’t know the numbers here, Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC, two time Medal of Honor winner, including for his bravery in Haiti, where, to spot the snipers, he walked down the middle of the road, himself, and if someone shot at him, he’d point a walking stick at them so his boys could get the right target.

            It’s all lead from behind, nowadays.

          • charliecrown

            [email protected] had some brilliant general no doubt, but it’s probably not the best example of low civilian casualty counts (Millions were killed by the allies)

            Point is “war is hell” as Patton famously said.It is never “clean” and civilians are never spared the consequences.

            I brought up Fallujah (800 dead civilians in much less populated area than Gaza) because most people would agree that Western nations like The UK, The US, France etc etc have do it better (more cleanly) that any other nations in history, both because of morals, and technology. Yet they still kill plenty of civilians because war isn’t a video game, and the point is to win. Israel does it as well or better than those nations (and FAR better than any Arab nations or terror groups), so the obsession with criticizing them among some people is frankly nuts.

          • Can you even tell me what a win would have been in Gaza? In the 2nd assault on Fallujah? For sake of argument, the magical “all the bad guys lay down their arms and walk out with their hands up” was _never_ going to happen.

          • charliecrown

            Excellent question.What most Israeli’s were hoping is that Israel could end this harassment once and for all by temporarily reoccupying Gaza, and demilitarize it by force before leaving, and then be able to reopen the borders to trade and commerce (it’s open to humanitarian supplies) because there would no longer be a Jihadist army running the place.

            However, the govt felt that couldn’t be done mainly due to intl considerations, so he and some Israeli’s will view “victory” as preventing Hamas from gaining anything from their aggression (No payoffs of any kind).

            They want ports etc,? They have to agree to demilitarize fully and change the nature of their group.Since they have been degraded so much by what Israel already did (destroyed tunnels, 75% reduction in rocket supplies, 1000 dead fighters etc ). and isolated from support (notably Egypt on the other border) he considers that a sufficient victory under the circumstances.

          • charliecrown

            “Major General Smedley Darlington Butler, USMC, two time Medal of Honor
            winner, including for his bravery in Haiti, where, to spot the snipers,
            he walked down the middle of the road, himself, and if someone shot at
            him, he’d point a walking stick at them so his boys could get the right

            That’s a set of balls on that dude.

  • You cited MEMRI? They are practically pure evil!

    To prove that they are evil, and by that I mean people who are trying to start wars, one need only consider this… imagine if they were translating Ann Coulter, Michael Savage, Rush Limbaugh, and millions of ignorant facebook/tweet/man-on-the-street interviews with the bomb-’em-all American mindset? If they were translating the most hate, from both sides, into the other side, it would be crystal clear they were trying to start a war. This way it is just slightly less clear that they are evil. I highly recommend you never mention them again.

    • charliecrown

      Lol, they’re a translating service.Translating Arabic to English. Accurately. Since there’s so much conflict in Arab speaking lands, one would think that’s a useful service.

      They translate popular programs from Arabic, but also leaders of groups and famous Islamic preachers.

      There would be nothing wrong with translating Rush or Coulter or whomever as long as you accurately described who they are (without embellishing) or what they said/wrote. Memri does that.

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