An Empty Toolbox
Fighting Ebola

Whenever the U.S. Government has a choice between doing nothing and sending in the cavalry to sort out a non-vital national security contingency, it is a sure sign of an antecedent failure of imagination and planning.

Published on: September 8, 2014
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  • Nevis07

    I had argued something very similar recently. Actually, my thought was that the US Coast Guard should be given the funds to purchase one of the ships that France has halted the sale of to Russia. As they are designed to be expeditionary launch pads, they would be perfectly modified as a medical emergency / humanitarian asset for the government and the people.

    • B-Sabre

      While I like the idea in principle, everybody should remember that ships are like puppies – they’re cute and adorable when new, but they are never, ever, in any sense of the word, free. And they only get more expensive the older they get. Even if the Mistrals were purchased with a special funding measure, the long term care, manning and operational costs would take a significant chunk of the USCG’s operations budget, unless they get a plus-up.

  • mbermangorvine

    I guarantee you if President Obama makes such a move, it will be sabotaged and destroyed in Congress. Rush Limbaugh and the other clown princes of the demagogic right will denounce it as a global extension of Obamacare and that will be the end of that.

    • qet

      Spending still more billions that we do not have is a bad idea whether or not it is an extension of another bad idea.

  • wigwag

    “…and it’s empty because our political class is composed on balance of a bunch of narrowly self-interested dullards with the foresight of myopic toads.” (Adam Garfinkle)

    Unfortunately, it’s not just our political class; it’s the punditocracy and the professoriate as well. American elites are leading our nation to ruination. Has their been a time in American history when our elites have been more selfish and gluttonous and less patriotic?

  • qet

    Garfinkle is dismayed by Obama’s dispatching of the military. I am dismayed by Garfinkle’s call for yet another US federal government agency (call it corps or what you will), complete with a multi-billion dollar budget, probably its own militarized police force, and entrenched constituencies willing to employ legions of lobbyists to prevent any reduction in its budget. Just imagine the debate: do we spend more money on finding a cure for/vaccine against Disease X, or do we spend more money expanding our Medical Expeditionary Corps to treat the sufferers? After thousands of pages in the Congressional Record, the answer is. . . . .Both!!

    Now, if Garfinkle can get his Medical Expeditionary Corps established and funded by redirecting resources away from other current federal agencies and programs, then hurrah! What do you suppose the chances are of that?

  • WJBomb

    You forgot about USNS Comfort…

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