Libyan Afterparty
Egypt Wants International Support for Disarming Libyan Militias
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    It is highly possible that Egypt is testing the possibility of annexing Libya and it’s oil that isn’t flowing anymore. This would serve to stabilize Egypt’s poor financial position, and probably looks very enticing to Egypt and it’s Saudi backers. It is an Authoritarian country and Obama’s weakness is encouraging all of them (Russia, China, Syria, Iran, N. Korea, etc…) into strategic overreach.

    • Andrew Allison

      Opportunity knocks, or should it be Nature abhors a vacuum? Egypt apparently recognizes that a tribal country is a tribal country. Whether some semblance of central government control can be re-established is an altogether different matter. The same is true of Iraq and Syria.

    • lukelea

      My first thought exactly.

    • qet

      Given that Libya is not going to re-constitute itself politically solely from within, solely from the efforts of some [non-existent] class of native democrat Founder types who will use Reason and Discourse to re-knit the country’s warring factions together, what, exactly, is wrong with Egypt controlling it or even annexing it, if that means the shooting stops? Would it be better for the US and/or The World if it were Iran? Saudi Arabia? Qatar? A “UN Peacekeeping Force”? [the quotes are to indicate the fantastic, unreal nature of such a concept].

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