China's Minorities
China Pays Muslim Uighurs to Intermarry
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  • Fat_Man

    This the history of China, eventually all minorities are assimilated into the Han Borg.

    Here is a scenario for your contemplation. The Sunni Shia war gets out of hand resulting in closure of the Straits of Hormuz. China, badly damaged economically by the cut off of oil supplies decides to take control of the situation. They invade Arabia and Iran, In the ensuing war they destroy the flower of Arab and Persian manhood, and take the oil and the surviving women.

    You understand the bloodshed and the oil, but why the women? Easy, because of the one child policy, China has raised a generation in which the number of men far exceeds the number of women. Obama will be shocked and horified because things like that can’t happen in the 21st century. But you heard it here first.

    BTW, India has the same issues and similar incentives.

    • Andrew Allison

      You overlook the fact that the Chinese are racist: the ethnic groups being assimilated are viewed by the government as Chinese. An influx of Muslim semites seems rather unlikely.

      • Fat_Man

        If they will marry Uighers, they will marry Arabs. They may be racists, but a lot of them are undoubtedly even hornier than they are racists. It always works that way.

    • rheddles

      How are they going to get there?

      • Fat_Man

        Camels, no doubt.

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