Abortion in America
CA Forces Catholic Colleges to Cover Elective Abortion
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  • gabrielsyme

    Firstly, it’s hard to see this as anything but a calculated defiance of religious liberty. And surprise! The Democrats are once more picking on orthodox Catholics. Truly, anti-Catholicism remains the leading bigotry of “progressives”.

    As a religious freedom issue, this isn’t on the fringes, and it’s not obscure- Hobby Lobby protected religious liberty in more arguable cirumstances just a few weeks ago. Basically, we ought to see this as governmental harrassment: the law is clear and settled: this is designed to exacerbate internal divisions within the targetted religion, and impose significant legal costs on religious institutions. It may be, given the increasing disdain of “progressives” for religious liberty, that the only effective way to safeguard such freedom from “lawfare” is to impose Constitutional damages on offending governments and officials.

    • Fred

      Truly, anti-Catholicism remains the leading bigotry of “progressives”.

      Very true, though anti-Semitism is catching up rapidly. To your point, though, this kind of harassment may have more of a method to its madness than you’re giving it credit for. It may be the plan to keep bringing these kinds of cases through the court system until there are enough liberal judges on the courts, including the SCOTUS to decide in the secularist extremists’ favor. Considering the fact that nearly half the country is now on government dole and much of the other half is employed in distributing that dole, Democratic party victories seem in the offing for a very long time. Those opposed to religious freedom need only wait.

  • pst314

    “elective abortions are ‘medically necessary’ health care”
    That has been a standard feminist talking point for decades: It is psychologically damaging to deny any abortion.

  • Cynara2

    When the person can obtain an abortion through the third party agreement, but still insists there be no third party, it is purely political and the aim is obviously at religious liberty.

  • Duperray

    Dems Party is no longer democratic: It bacame a Totalitarian Libertarian Party. Its turn happened whan introducing the “Politically correct” moto, the best way to content freedom.

  • teapartydoc

    Get out of California, and stop accepting any federal assistance that can be used to determine your policies for you. See: Hillsdale, Grove City.

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