Jobs of the Future
Doctors and Lawyers and Bankers, Oh My!
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  • Anthony

    “Doctors, lawyers, bankers, engineers….” Can a polarization of the labor force be inferred? Corollary question: is our market system (or has our market system eroded) eroding fundamental values?

  • FriendlyGoat

    Everybody can be dog walkers——OF COURSE. Eureka! The answer has been found for the difficulties of millions of Americans! You can pay your $145,000 dentist walking the doggies!

  • lukelea

    Right. The middle two-thirds of our population is being shafted by current trade and immigration policies in the new laissez faire global economy. That, and failure to adopt new statutory limits on the length of the working day to compensate for the never-ending stream of new labor-saving technologies. All three trends work in favor of the interests of those whose income is derived from capital, including the educated brains of the minority with significantly above-average cognitive abilities (i.e., human capital). Our meritocracy is not a democracy. It is is new aristocracy. Shame on those who let it happen.

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