ISIS' Foreign Fighters
Britain Proposes New Anti-Terror Measures
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  • Pete

    Muslims in the West should be monitored just like other hate groups like the Nazis, the KKK, etc.

    • lhfry

      I’m sure the Southern Poverty Law Center would be willing to help out.

  • Duperray

    As I blogged about another AI paper, I am an admirer of british political system. I am glad to see they are the only one in the World identifying ISIS as the major western world threat in near-by future. Other governments are glued in “politically correctness” and so on…
    Freedom reduction: It already occurred during WWII and why not again? I am ready to see my freedom reduced for common security improvement. By the way, our present “freedom” dramatically decreased with supercomputers already knowing everything about everybody.
    Orson Wells’ “1984 Best of the Worlds” was achieved before 2014…

  • jeburke

    Revoking passports should be a no brainer. Unless I miss something, so should a process for revoking citizenship, with appeals to courts. ISIS fighters stand in the same situation as Britons who fought for the Nazis. The inability of some to see this clearly stems from their foolish insistence on viewing this as a crime problem, not a war.

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