The Secret War
Indictment for Chinese "Businessman" Who Stole Boeing’s Secrets
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  • Corlyss

    Either he made too much money doing it or he didn’t steal enough. What other reasons could there be for prosecuting him? Certainly not for the theft itself!

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    The reason they have to steal this information is that the Chinese system is incapable of the creativity necessary to produce the knowledge to begin with. To all those who believe China will over take the US and become the next Super Power, take note. It’s easy to play catch up when foreign businesses come and build state of the art factories in your country, but breaking trail and pushing knowledge forward is much more difficult and expensive. China is in exactly the same position as the Soviet Union, stealing what they can’t produce on their own, and then trying to use the information without the underlying skills that produced that knowledge. I expect they will be just as successful as the Soviet Union (which is now extinct). I can’t name a single Chinese business brand that has world wide recognition like, Sony, Apple, Intel, Samsung, Google, Microsoft, Mercedes, Toyota, Ford, etc…it’s because they are world leaders in NOTHING.

  • Duperray

    The US ADN built-in contempt of anything else than US makes this country undesirable to deal with. Carry over to believe in US superiority in every matter, to sleep quietly, having EPA’s presidential arm step by step sabotaging the basements of US prosperity (read in American Interests site);

    During that time your competitors work hard with government investing in right direction, based on long term foreseeing.

    Wake up might be terrible.

    In case US wish to remain a respectable country it should curb present arrogant attitude, cease to export abroad by force its “Liberty-libertarian concept” promoted as example of civilization, fix its racial Ferguson problems, fix its Rusty Belt and care about the 40% of families close to poverty having serious money issues, and so on…

    • PKCasimir

      Let’s hear from the peanut gallery now that we’ve heard from the Chinese Communist propaganda Ministry where mastery of English isn’t a prerequisite for employment.

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