Running on Empty
China’s Thwarted Gas Ambitions
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  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    “China is pursuing another natural gas option, as well: boosting imports. But this, too, carries with it a number of costs and risks that Beijing’s leaders will want to minimize.”

    I doubt China’s leaders really think beyond what is best for themselves. You don’t threaten all your neighbors with territorial ambitions, when those same neighbors sit on your shipping lanes, and can easily cut off all your imports and exports. More than any other country, 40% of China’s economy is dependent on foreign trade. Losing their trade routes would therefore devastate China’s economy, so why are they doing it? Because China’s leadership can’t see past the lining of their own pockets, and they’ve all prepared their friends and families for a swift exit to better places. Those that can see the writing on the wall, realize that the US has beaten them by uplifting the Chinese people out of abject poverty. And the moment the Chinese people find their incomes going down and realize how the Communist Party has hosed them, there will be a bloody revolution.

  • Duperray

    “US has beaten them by uplifting the Chinese people out of abject poverty”: Fantastic ! So, since 1949 up to now, the chinese level of life increase is exclusively due to US ?

    The entire World smiles when it sees US citiziens to be so over confident in every matter.
    Same a in 1940. Then came 1941 Dec 7th…

    • Dan

      and then comes August 6, 1945

  • Josephbleau

    China will remain communist as long as it can provide a higher paying government job to everyone who shows initiative and resourcefulness. The underground needs smart people. Potential threats must be trapped in the web of government graft, we forget that the system if informers in China is very deep, the state knows who is who. Kulaks must move the party forward or move to Siberia. Chinese culture demands high investment in children and great damage is done when the little princes of high officials get all the university slots and the good jobs.

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