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Mexico Poised for a Breakout
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  • This is good news indeed. When people flee a country to seek better opportunity elsewhere, the President of that country should be ashamed. It is his / her job to help provide opportunity for its citizens.

    Now as for the good news on the energy front, can Obama learn anything from Nieto’s approach? Or does he already know everything? Or was he elected solely for the purpose of improving his golf game?

    • Dan

      The President’s job is not to help provide opportunity for citizens it is to execute laws passed by Congress.

  • Corlyss

    “The media, when it deals with our southern neighbor at all, would still rather focus on immigration issues or the country’s grisly battle with drug cartels. But while both of those are serious problems, there’s another side to Mexico that deserves recognition, a side that Peña Nieto highlighted in this FT piece.”

    That’s like announcing that toffs in the lounge had excellent prospects for exciting poker games while the Titanic was sinking. The only thing that keeps Mexico from being labeled a failed state precisely because of the cartels is the fact that doing so would disturb our comfortable ignorance, particularly that of our lazy and indifferent president. In an ideal world, back when we had self-confidence in what we were and what we knew, we would have sent the military below the border to deal with the cartels and, coincidentally the immigration problem. But, alas, the military is off nation-building in Arab lands.

    • El Gringo

      Mexico has its issues but it is hardly the third-world cesspit that Americans make it out to be. You can’t seriously compare Mexico with a country like Pakistan or Somalia.

      Besides, economic growth in Mexico will do far more to alleviate both the cartel and immigration issues.

      • Corlyss

        El, I make such a comparison in all gravity. When the facts on the ground that American administrations choose to ignore for the sake of the modicum of comity that allows them to accomplish what little they can jointly, I’ll change my mind.

  • Fat_Man

    The prosperity of Mexico should be the most important subject of our foreign policy. What happens in Ukraine or Syria will have little effect on the US. What happens in the Mexico has a direct and profound effect on us. We don’t have an immigration problem from Canada. The only way to fix the immigration problem from Mexico is to fix Mexico. It will be important for this to work that we terminate the failed war on drugs and take the money out of that system.

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