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The $10 Blood Test…Now Only $10,000!
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  • ljgude

    I do know the answer to the question of why charges vary so much ever since I read Steven Brill’s 1913 Time Magazine article Bitter Pill. He points out that every hospital has an undisclosed maximum price list called “The Chargemaster” and if they are catpurses they will stick you with that price if you have no means of defending yourself against it. Like having an insurance company that has negotiated a lower rate. However researchers like those mentioned above may or may not be quoted the chargemaster rate as is obvious from the range of prices they report. So the real answer is that hospitals can charge whatever they like and therefore can quote whatever price they like. So in fact there is no real price for researchers to discover. The only real price is the one you are charged.

  • Some Rabbit

    What the market (aka: insurers) will bear.

  • ojfl

    This has more to do with third party payer systems. In that sense the price of individual components matter little as long as the aggregate goes in the right direction.

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