Terror in Nigeria
Nobody Can Stop Boko Haram
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  • Andrew Allison

    Let’s be absolutely clear that the horrors being inflicted upon Christians in the North are the result of Nigerian misgovernment. The country ranks among the most corrupt in the world and, as the post elucidates, governance in the North has been essentially feudal. It is extremely unlikely that Boko Haram will be satisfied with ejecting Christians from the North, or that the South can resist them. Callous as it may be, Nigeria is reaping what it has sown. The question is what, if anything, should the rest of the world do about it? Simply put, is the world ready, willing and able to embark on another Crusade? I think not, especially given the more immediate threat posed by ISIS.

    • Gene

      “When a man knows he is to be
      hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” Don’t give up on them so quickly.

    • Johnny May

      Blaming corrupt politicians for the violence is wrong for it absolves the perpetrators of those gruesome crimes of their responsibility. The mismanagement of the Nigerian government like the sectarian policies of Maliki in Iraq have certainly provided the ground on only which insurgencies like ISIS or Boko Haram could flourish, but neither have created them. Sure, with a better administration they would have never gotten off the ground and fought against in their infancies.

      When someone leaves the door to his house unlocked, he certainly must concede neglect or carelessness. But ultimately it is the burglar that is the criminal, as he still entered the home on his own and wasn’t “made to” do it.

  • FriendlyGoat

    “Somebody” is going to stop Boko Haram. The questions are: At what cost? —and— After what has been lost?

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