Corrupt Russian Influence
A Dark Struggle in Europe
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  • qet

    Facing a choice of either Putin or the EU is like being Poland in 1939 and having to choose between Hitler and Stalin. The reversal of the ideological poles is ironic and would even be amusing were the situation not so grave.

  • Pete

    More nation building, this time on the margins of Europe. Great!

    I guess it is assumed that the U.S. will never run out of money to throw around. Maybe we just print up another or trillion of so as needed to heal the world’s problems.

    But this money printing for domestic and foreign ‘needs’ sounds like a perpetual motion machine to me. Some day, believe it or not, the piper will have to be paid. Then what? Where is Calvin Coolidge when we need him.

  • Duperray

    As Russia tries to restaure its former eastern countries grip, US are successfully expanding their control upon Europe (EU Commission is 150% under US control, up to cry like a child when Dad is slapping it..). But fortunately ex-communists countries like Poland or Czech Republic are not so bowing and show their own will irrespective of external pressures.

  • Andrew Allison

    Who gives a damn about Bulgaria or the other lawless Eastern European States? In most EU countries the struggle is between the governing elite which has brought about economic disaster and the victims thereof. Wouldn’t it make more sense to worry about the unemployment rates in, and virtual bankruptcy of, the EU core? France, Italy, Spain and Portugal are economic basket cases in which the ruling elites lack the political will to make the changes necessary for survival. France, thanks to its large Muslim population, is especially scary.

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