New Report "Damns" Keystone Pipeline
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  • Corlyss

    “Stockholm Environment Institute”

    That’s not a study. It’s a mindless, hate-filled screed from one of the usual suspects. Why, I bet they have a template and all they have to do is plug in the name of the latest fossil fuel project.

  • Andrew Allison

    Those who pander to AGW hysteria are not interested in logic or reason — they know that any sky-is-falling AGW tripe will get widespread coverage in the mindless media. Meanwhile, despite a 35% increase in anthropogenic CO2 since 1996, the planet stubbornly refuses to heat up.

  • gabrielsyme

    So, the basic argument is that bringing any oil to market will lower prices, increase demand and result in more oil being produced. In other words, by this reasoning, every single oil & gas development or infrastructure project should be denied.

    How high do oil prices need to be? This is the reasoning of an absolutist mindset, that will not ever be satisfied.

    • FriendlyGoat

      According to oil producers and traders, it seems that oil prices need to be about as high as they are now. Dick Cheney, we recall, mentioned the idea of $20/barrel oil as a possible side effect of our invasion of Iraq. But that didn’t happen and Keystone XL will not substantially lower the price either. That’s because producers can take facilities off line in event of price declines.

      Economic theory says we should have a glut and a price reduction. Don’t count on it.

      • PKCasimir

        Please provide a specific reference to back up your assertion that Dick Cheney “mentioned the idea of $20/barrel oil as a possible side effect of our invasion of Iraq.” I can recall no such statement but I will await your evidence.

    • Corlyss

      You broke the code.

  • Duperray

    Far too much money flows into “environment, global warming, pollution,… and makes many scientists to prostitute their opinions for the sake of fund, cash and aura.
    The guys of BRICS shall be vey happy, laughing at West repeatedly shooting in its own foot: “If they continue like this for a couple of dozen years, we will overtake them…”

    • Corlyss

      Unfortunately, this is not a bug in policy making; it’s a feature of the left’s DNA as well as it’s strategy. The left decided decades ago that western white civilization was flaw ed and therefore illegitimate, esp. in its culture and it’s aggressive economic success. In their twisted thinking, the west needs most to be taken down several pegs, if not destroyed, to both atone for its sins and give “superior” losing non-western cultures, like the African, Muslim, Chinese, or Subcontinent, an opportunity to dominate and demonstrate their superiority. If those cultures are too feeble to get there on their own, the the left will help out with a deliberately self-destructive ethics of policies, like ending cheap energy, cultural relativism, rampant self-debasing secularism, educational backwardness, economically suicidal redistributionism, and unrestricted immigration from illiterate and incompetent stone-age societies that promptly become parasites on the weakened western nations, just to name a few.

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