Divide and Conquer
Russia Finding Ways Around Western Energy Sanctions
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  • lukelea

    . . . to divide and conquer the West? Please.

  • Breif2

    So if I understand correctly, Japan is cooperating with Russia, and Norway and Switzerland are making a separate peace with it…

    No comment. 🙂

    • iva

      No the article is ONLY analyzes.

  • Duperray

    Europe is not at war with Rssia, US neither! It is Obama who set himself at war with Russia!
    EU – now self-demonstrating to be under full US foreign policy control (EU top leaders are ALL ex-Goldman& Sachs top managers..) – is blindly and stupidly supporting US Ukraine policy. Sanctions always backfire and Industry is putting pressure upon these puppet politicians heading each EU state, excepts a handful of them. Sanctions are in violation of WTO rules. Slowly, european states are going backward, still luring Washington with much bla-bla, shooting stars and show business, but indeed setting easy-to-avoid sanction rules.
    Last week anti-offshore & shale drilling santions are very easy to overtake, look at them in detail.! Oil companies are expert in this political arena…Final dissuasive effect is nil.
    But long term effect is high, because newly set agreements with new suppliers exclude US suppliers for long.
    Step by step, Europe states are taking distance with Obama-the-Magnifique policy.
    Russia is so big an opportunity that it has no probem to find technological allies, its reserves are so big that even with 20-year old technology it can boost its production. You dont believe me? Do you think Saudi Arabia, Qatar and else need super-fracking technology? So?

  • Jacksonian_Libertarian

    Economic sanctions never work, and the only reason why diplomats and politicians continue to use them, is because they want to hide how weak and powerless they truly are. A much stronger and not lame response would be to donate weapons, material, and trainers to the Ukraine. An even stronger response would be to send in troops to bordering countries, and threaten to reveal what a paper tiger the Russian military has become.

    But that will never happen because the weakest President in US history Obama is never going to do anything. Obama and the weakling Europeans will next threaten to send a harshly worded communique. What a bunch of pansies, their cowardice disgusts me. Always passing the buck, and avoiding responsibility, voting present so they don’t offend anyone and can be on every side of every issue.

    Russia, China, Iran, are all laughing and sneering at America and their coward of a President. They all know that the veteran American military wouldn’t even work up a sweat kicking their ass, but they also know that Obama will never order them into battle.

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