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USAF Asks: Why Can’t a Drone Operator Be More Like a Bassoonist?
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  • Andrew Allison

    The nonsensical thinking behind the opening paragraph is illustrated by “Blue-collar workers don’t usually receive such generous pensions”. The military is no more “blue collar” that the other public employees against whose even more generous pensions WRM inveighs almost daily.

  • PKCasimir

    Would the powers to be who control this website please ensure that whoever wrote this insulting nonsense is never allowed to write about the US military ever again? He hasn’t the foggiest idea about the subject. Infuriatingly ignorant and, even more infuriating, even isn’t aware of his ignorance.
    In a just world, this author would be sent into combat, get wounded, and find that the military doesn’t have any doctors or chaplains to treat his body or his soul.. After all, they’re like bassoonists, aren’t they?

    • Andrew Allison

      Agreed except that it’s asking a bit much to expect an ignoramus to be aware if his ignorance. Adult supervision is clearly called for.

  • FriendlyGoat

    All the dissing of the “blue model” is both unnecessary and rather disrespectful of most of this nation’s young people. Of course no modern kids actually NEED any job security, health care or pension plans——merely because tax cuts have now permitted the employers to all get away with skipping out on the whole concept of loyalty down. The millennials know they are “Generation Screwed” but they don’t know how they got that way, and they don’t yet know how really mad they ought to be about it,

  • Fat_Man

    Some time ago I suggested in a comment on this blog that I thought the armed services should treat the hiring and retention of professionals and technical personnel in a separate hierarchy from line commanders.

    The air force needs however to confront a a more important question. Why do we need to have an air force as separate branch of the services. We need airplanes an pilots to be sure, but in a separate command structure. I think that is far more debatable.


  • Pave Low John

    This article is a waste of electrons. The personnel system of the DoD isn’t wrecked because it offers pensions after twenty years or because there is a shortage of non-combat personnel (believe me, the USAF is full of non-warfighters.) The problem is that the best people are leaving and not looking back, while the worst, in terms of competence and attitude, are sticking around as long as possible. You want to read about a broken personnel system? Go over to CDR Salamander’s blog and read the full report on the leadership debacle involving the USS COWPENS (yes, the same ship that CPT “Horrible” Holly Graf was fired from.) How the hell did we start assigning people like that to a warship? America is going to pay a steep price for letting idiots and cowards lead our military forces and I just hope I’m dead and gone before it all happens…

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