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India Takes Turn at New Global Sport: Ignoring John Kerry
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  • Kevin

    The idea of Kerry as some sort of super-spy assassin who was going to take out al-Sisi is pretty hilarious. Maybe they thought no one this inept could actually be the chief diplomat – maybe he’s really an undercover hitman

    • Pete

      No, the pat down was to humiliate the prig.

  • Fat_Man

    And to think he came within a few hundred thousand votes of being President.

  • PDX_traveler

    I give up – this fine analysis by WRM and staff convinced me. Electing a Black Communist Muslim (TM) as president has led to all this. Never again, I guess. By reversing this one act, all will be well – we will have a short, rapid gaining of influence around the world, Israelis and Palestinians will make peace, and our Sec. of State’s sartorial status shall be restored, among many other benefits. Impeachment!

  • Boritz

    The title is a bit misleading. &nbspYou can’t say he’s being ignored. &nbspThat would be a slight improvement.

  • Duperray

    Kerry cannot be stupid, otherwise he would have made a pre-Obama career as he did. In my opinion, the person is not in cause, but present Administration ideology is.

  • ArmyAviator

    I don’t blame the Egyptians at all, for patting down Kerry and his strap hangers before they were allowed and audience with President Al-Sissi. After all, Kerry represents a hostile, enemy regime. Since Kerry is a known supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood, and represents 0bama and his pro-Muslim Brotherhood policies, why should the Egyptians trust Kerry? I don’t, and I’m just a “man on the street.”

  • Breif2

    Hmm, this situation is becoming too manifest to gloss over. Fortunately, the solution is simple: restore our standing by slapping down another country hard.

    An allied country, of course.

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